Monday, March 29, 2010

Daily doses of Excitement

Happy birthday MonkeyGirlRachOopsIwatchedtoomuchofVampire'sAssistant, I mean 钰钰。

Little monkey is 13 already.


Happy birthday and blah-blah-blah-blah, now let's save the birthday wishes (do you really care about me saying all those things?) and move on to the next story.


Went 清明 yesterday. The weather was as painfully hot as usual and my sister forgot to put sunblock (she came back looking like a roast turkey), hahar.

After a long morning under the scorching sun working hard with our distant relatives, we were all relieved to retreat to our cars, far away from the blazing sun.

Except that my aunt's car key (passed to my bro, then to my mum) was missing.

And so everyone ended up scanning the whole area for the missing key. Hell no it was no easy task. Supposedly the key with a metal whistle attached to it should be shinning so brightly under the crazy sun, but no, we just weren't able to find the glittering item.

As my XiaoMi was informed to come up to Ipoh to give us the spare keys we were called back. Being me, the girl who doesn't give up easily *applauses*, I went through the route my mum took when she came up the hill as we descended.

And being me, the awesome me who's destined to save the day, I found something that looks like a whistle, with a plain looking Toyota key beneath and a black remote control beside.

At the split second, I went, 'heythatlooksalotlikethekeywe'relookingfor *since it wasn't my key I wasn't really sure*, could it be some other lost key? But how often does one come across another missing key while looking for one?'

And so I picked it up and skipped down the hill briskly, I totally forgot about the 'OH-MY-GOD-I'VE-FOUND-THE-KEY' victory scream until I've started to gain momentum as I tore across the field.

And now I've got a very good reason to make my mum to give me a full sponsorship on my handbag. xD

And that's the end of the 2 short stories.

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