Friday, March 19, 2010

Innocent Devil is Pure Win


New skin. Finally.

A world of black and white. A simple one indeed. Finished it in like, less than 1 hour (usually it'll take days for my lazy bones to move)? xD

After lazing around for one year with numerous failed inspirations, I made this spontaneous skin while carrying out my Potato Project.

Innocent Devil is Pure Win, don't you agree?

Tell me how do you feel the moment Potato's devilishly innocent eyes pop into your own unexpectedly k? :3


I'm loving music & life every second! said...


ChibiRozen said...

what speechless!? I know you're jealous la, I put Potato's photo and not yours. Face it, you sudah banyak tua la, I tak want Old dog punya photo~~

問題 said...
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