Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sem Break

One week break from Uni.

But it's not as we hoped for.

This break is never meant for movie-marathon, k-sessions, shopping-spree, or any spontaneous trips.

Or perhaps it should have read, finish-your-assignments-week instead.


So we have one Econ report to write, Accounts Case Study to do, a Business Law chart and Four-step-process essay to finish, and our Business Information System assignment to wrap up.

And after that, go back to college/uni, and work like a dog until our study week to come.

And did I mention our upcoming tests and quiz in the week we return? Heeh, why am I even reminding myself something as bad as that...

Already got the picture of what to throw into my Econ report, the question is, how to present them.... ):

BIS is gonna kill me, because I have yet the slightest idea on how and what to write...

BL, on the other hand, won't be easy to do...

Thank god accounts' assignment's due date is ages away, or that's what it feels like for the time being...

There goes our awfully short holiday, no thanks to some stupid Gov of Education intervening our course.

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