Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Watched Sherlock Holmes with WenLeong, Vincy, and Cleste on last Friday.

And that's one ass-kicking Watson with an attitude up there!

It was an awesome movie.

That's all I can say after watching it.

Enjoyed the action, suspense, mystery, and the bromance between the Holmes and Watson of course.

Robert Downey made an awesome Holmes who was wilder and more eccentric than I anticipated while Jude Law made the best Watson I've ever seen.


Really love the frequent bickering between these 2!!

Holmes is like a clever spoilt kid who enjoys having Watson to himself whereas Watson is like a crossover of a nanny and an elder-brother like figure to Holmes who has to cope with Holmes eccentric behaviours and unusual habits.

Sad nanny couldn't bear to leave Holmes on his own device. lol

It was lol-worthy when Holmes attempted to get Watson to tag-along. Those hints he used and the revolver he conveniently forgotten in Watson's room were hilarious. It's like Holmes really depends on Watson in all sorts of things... xD

And Holmes looked, sometimes, moe (yesIspelledMOE!!) to me. He was so cute and his attempts to sabotage Watson's relationship with Mary were so funny!! Eg. the fortune reading, the cruel deductions, the reminders of the wedding rings and etc... But he made up to Watson in the end by giving Mary such an enormous diamond (ripped off from somewhere...) ring... LOL

And here we have a cool Watson and- nvm Holmes... Watson totally pawned him though Holmes is still awesome!!! lol

The bromance between them was something really worth to see. The fact that Watson risked his life to put Holmes out of danger and Holmes risking his own safety in turn to make sure Watson was alright were so touching~

This part was mind-blowingly awesome with Watson being so unusually calm.

Another thing worth noting was Lestrade understanding of Holmes. I was pretty impressed when Lestrade yelled at Holmes to reassured that Watson is alive (though it doesn't sound too good...) to get him out of the mess he was in.

So, which is which?

Was the bromance between Holmes and Watson so famous to the extent that even Lestrade (who didn't really 'like' Holmes in some way) was aware of it or was it that Lestrade himself understands Holmes to a point that he knew Holmes was worried sick about his 'brother-by-bond'? (Oh I gotta say that I love the gypsy woman!!)

Either way it makes Lestrade more likeable. Nice one.

Watson you're the best sidekick one man could have!!!!

Not forgetting Gladstone the awesome dog. Simply fantastic.

Stopping my bromance frenzy, the movie quality was really good (tone, colour, angle, and etc), the style somehow reminds me of the latest Harry Potter movie, is it because they're both by Warner Bros.?

The plot however, wasn't that hard to guess.

Just get these straight and you'd pretty much have the whole story grasped.

1. Black Magic doesn't exist. Simple as that.

2. The shabby-looking lab and the fact that someone wanted to destroy it has the 'don't-you-dare-to-overlook-me' labelled all over it.

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

It's a movie, so anything can happen...

But the script was so well-writen that these cliches weren't dissappointing at all.

The Holmes planning-in-his-mind scenes were logically mind-breaking.

Am I missing anything else...? Oh yeah, and there's Irene Adler as well. D:

Their complicated relationship kinda ruin Holmes personality in the movie, I'm hoping it would be toned down a bit in the sequel. But then again, there's the naked Holmes incident which got the laundry maid logically-misunderstood which was LOL-worthy.

And that's pretty much for this epic movie. One of the best movie in 2009, totally pawning G.I.JOE (so famous yet so disappointing due to its lame story, which earns it the most disappointing movie in 2009.)

An awesome outing which William was the only guy among us!!! :3

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