Friday, January 15, 2010


Say Hi to 豆豆 (DouDou)~


Never mind her sad face! xD She's just too blur to smile!!! xD

Got her on 1st of Jan when we went to Raub to celebrate my other-grandmother's birthday!!!

She was so frigging dirty when my uncle brought her home. (and I didn't notice her dirtiness at all!! Her cuteness factor turned it into a blind-spot!)

The moment we got back at home we literally soaked her in water. Eeeeek!!! omgomgomgomg!!!! The sight of the evil insects creeping in her fur was horrible!!!! And that led to more parasite-drowning ceremony and corpse-scrubbing (with a tooth-brush) ritual to be carried out.


It freaked me to see so many dead parasites floating on the water surface.... D:

After a long battle with the parasites that last for at least half-an-hour, 豆豆 came out smelling nice and sparkling clean~

Although there are still some bugs on her, at least she's waaaay cleaner than she was before...

Went to the pet shop on the next day to get her supply. And soaked her for another few days until we got lazy and realize whatever's left on her can't be killed through drowning...

That's it for now. Currently I'm working very hard at home doing my dad's bloody PP slides (D;) and preparing the materials for another post for 豆豆 (the preparation was tough, you'll see why soon). xD


Pluto said...

try get her a flea collar!

ChibiRozen said...

too young leh honey!