Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cameron - Tea

Woke up around 7:30 and stuffed all our pillows (yep, pillows) into my mum's car. It wasn't after 9 did we left our house, and we're supposed to meet my mum's friends at Sg Buloh at 9:30.

We reached there on time. Whoot.

But her friends were no where to be seen.

Turned out that one family overslept while the other bunch was stuck in some traffic jam.

After we finished exploring the 'perhentian jambatan', one family arrived and we continued our journey. What about the others? No worries, they planned to meet up at Bidor around noon.

Stopped at Bidor before noon to have brunch.

The Duck Noodle was really famous, however, we ordered something else instead as the waitress informed us that it won't be ready before 12.

But, it just happened to arrived around 11:30. We ordered a bowl of duck in soup just to have a taste of it. Even with my blocked nose I could smell the strong scent of ginger in the soup. Couldn't really tell whether it's good or not since I'm not fit enough to judge it...

Had our break at a teashop before we reach our bungalow.

It was real fun going up the mountain. I really enjoyed eyeing at the thermometer (the one on the screen in my mum's car) gradually going lower and lower. We opened the window when it reached 25.

The air was really cooling, sadly, my nose was blocked and I couldn't smell the Cameron air... Though, we had to close all the windows when it starting drizzling.

At Cameron, it rains almost everyday in the afternoon-evening.

It'd stopped raining and the scenery was pleasant. But it was wet so we were lazy to get into the green.

Mai Borather!!!!
Taken at the first floor of the shop.
The view there was pretty, but there were a lot of flies. D:

Sipping tea under a roof of morning glories~~

Tried all sorts of tea. Strawberry tea, Lychee, and some others.

Bah. I couldn't smell the tea... So I went camwhoring around the place~

The weather was cool, and a bit cold sometimes. But I was alright with it with my jacket on the shoulder, though, my nose disagreed with it. D:

The corner of the teashop~

Had a piece of chocolate cake with my sis there, but we forgot to take its photo!!! ):

No, it's not the cake we had at the tea shop. And yes, I had 2 slices of Chocolate cakes in a day~ :3

We left the tea shop and arrived at our bungalow shortly after we left the tea shop.

Went to Boh Tea Plantation after we left our stuffs at the bungalow.

My sister and brother holding each other lovingly.
What you see is just an illusion.
Brutal mental force is need to force them to get into this position.
One second earlier they looked murderous but under my purifying stare their murderous intention faded in a flash and they smiled like a sunny side up. :D
I know, I'm amazing. :3

The view of the tea shop at Boh Tea Plantation~
The Boh Tea Shop is on the left~

There's a view point where we'd have to climb all the way up to have a view of the plantation.

And so we climbed.

On top of the view point there's this small hill that we could get up by the stairs.

The girls, Racheal and Andrea are my mum's friends' daughters. Andrea is the nice-to-bully one, her sister is a bit more prideful...

Posing on the view point, in front of the small 'hill'. xD

The grass was a bit muddy and there were puddles of water, naturally we hopped around avoiding the puddles.

It's not a tree, but a tiang with wild plants growing on it.

The land of mist. We had to leave the view point when it started to get misty. ):

If it weren't for the adults, I wouldn't mind staying on top. It looks fascinating to be in the middle of the mist/fog. Like a fairytale. :D

But down we go~

I hate going down the hills/mountains/stairs. I'm always scared that I'll slip...
And my camera battery was failing me, so my backup, Hikaru turned up instead. xD

My mum~~~~

Camwhoring + Moving cautiously = being the last one.

In front of the Boh tea shop~

Took quite a lot of photos of the flowers at there, I'll make a separate post for them, otherwise it's going to lag the page a lot...

More will be up real soon, hopefully I can make it in time by tomorrow~ :D

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