Tuesday, December 1, 2009

End of Chapter

The fabulous AK batch!!!

Photo taken by JheYee papa. Credits to her!!!

After Nursery, Primary, and Secondary, it's finally College. We're degree students now!!!!

Taken with the AK3 animals (except me and Annie) by JheYee papa again!!

Now this one was taken by me~

Eloise wasn't in any photo above. Heesh, why move house on your exam day????

Went to Midvalley with JheYee-pa, HuiVoon-ma, XiaoHuang-Chelsia, Janester, Eloise-kor, and Mr. Pay after exam.

Had Voon-ma and XiaoHuang in my car as navigator (I hate to remember direction!!!). Really enjoyed seeing Voon-ma getting very worried for her direction-less daughter. ♥

Had lunch at Oasis Food Court. I think, my mee-suah sucks, though I'm notreally sure about that. My nose was totally blocked and I'd only realised that the mee-suah wasn't really nice half-way. The Ikan Bakar was, supposedly, nice. But all I could taste was the spiciness!!! T.T

Mr. Pay joined us a while later, all of us had to wait for him to get his Ikan Bakar, really popular whey... Eloise arrived after Chelsia came to find JheYee and I who got distracted by the Gashapons. xD

Watched New Moon after that. I really must say, Edward is hideous in the movie. D: He looks way better in the posters. The movie was ok. I'm not a Twilight fan, as I'm not really into romance or a fan of sexy vampires and werewolves in a not-so-original story.

Camwhored in the toilet. Yes, the toilet!!!
Mr. Pay couldn't enter (it's the ladies'!!!!), so we took it in the mirror!!!

But very blur.... T.T Couldn't use flash and people were staring... lol
Thanks to a girl who immediately she exited the toilet when she found us posing to take the photo, so that we could take it~~ :3

Camwhoring at Garden. :3
Taken right before the entrance to the carpark~

I had to leave at at 4. So we walked all the way back to Garden, where I parked my car. Camwhored the whole way there.

Whooot~ Camwhoring in my car!!!
Photographer: Mr. Pay the spontaneous guy!!!

Mr. Pay's turn to sit in the car~~

Achievement of the day: we (Annie and I) hugged thrice!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we know she loves me the most. *Annie I can see you smiling!!!*

I'm really gonna miss Annie the AK times!!! Really don't like our really-short sem 3. So little time for us to be together, especially with the AK1 guys.

What lies in our future is still unknown.

I know I'm definitely going to Curtin. So is Jane. I'm not sure about the rest, especially CerTong, TzeHorng, and Annie, who are planning to attack Monash and abandon us. ):

If only time will stop.

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