Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cameron - Strawberries!

Obviously, I didn't make it. Currently staying at my grandma's house in Penang, a lot's going on so yeah, I lack the time to update.


Continuing from the last post.

Unpacked our things and bathed after we left the Boh Tea Plantation. After we explored the house, we found a table tennis table and we had some fun playing with the kids.

It was nice to play ping-pong again *remembers the table tennis table collecting dust upstairs*. I could almost hear my rusty skill getting smoother after a few rounds.

Then, it was time for dinner.


The Yong Tau Fu was delicious. Did I mentioned that we have a housekeeper who cooks our meal upon request? :3 (for a wild moment when my mum mentioned a housekeeper, the word 'butler' flashed across my mind, I know I'm not totally sane.)

The steamboat dinner was more like a buffet. We come to the table when the food of our choice was on and go as we pleased, freedom.

After the satisfying meal, we played ping pong and monopoly (my sis and the kids played the one we bought it along), watched Kara no Kyoukai on my laptop(finally after I've downloaded for so long, and oh my, TokyoTosho didn't mention that it's supposed to be 18sg...) and had cup-mee as supper.


Fried egg, sausages, bacons, and toast. Simple but nice. :D

I'm not a fan of jams, but they say the strawberry jam made by Madam Ng (our housekeeper) was delicious. With my nose blocked and lack of jam-eating experience I couldn't tell how good it was.

And yeah, I had a photo-spamming session early in the morning.

The tree at the back yard.

The Bungalow~~
It looks ancient. And it has a chimney too~

Our housekeeper has a dog called Blacky~~
Actually, we had an encounter with a dog who look like Muffin the day before when we're moving our luggage into our house. Doesn't look like a stray to me since she looks plump...

Chased Blacky around the Bungalow for a bit and got our shoes all muddy. D:

After breakfast, we took off and visited Strawberry farm~

Saw this 'thing' at the farm. Wonder what it is?
Weasel? Not squirrel for sure.

Rows and rows of Strawberry plants.

One basket of strawberries (1kg) is about RM35. We went on a Strawberry hunt right after we got our basket.

Strawberries!!! :3

With years of Strawberry eating experience, we chose only the most beautiful strawberries in the farm~

Our basket of strawberries~

Left the strawberry farm after we finished discussing our plans in the afternoon and we went straight to the market~

Cameron is seriously obsessed with strawberries. There are strawberries everywhere...

Spent quite some time at the market. Seriously, the flowers there were gorgeous! And yeah, not forgetting the strawberries, they have strawberry pillows, strawberry phone straps, dried strawberry, strawberry juice, strawberry ice-cream, strawberry chocolate, strawberry cake, strawberry hot dog, strawberry jam, strawberry umbrella, and etc...

Didn't shop much after my inner heart went through a serious debate with my brain.

'I shall not buy things that are no use to me,' screamed the brain.
'But it looks nice/cute/delicious/interesting!' my heart whined.
'Yeah, for now. Think of the money! And what am I gonna do when I finally snap out of it?' *remembers the pile of mess that growing larger and larger in the room* My brain gave the final blow.
'True.' My heart gave in.

Our lunch: Head on the table seafood, chicken, vege, and some other stuff.

This is Andrea's head. Snapped this photo when she look like her head was placed on the table. lol She's really cute!!

Believe it or not.
We had fish on the mountain. :D

After lunch, we went to another side of the Boh Tea Plnatation with rumours saying that it has a better view.

The Boh Tea Plantation!

The trip to the plantation was rather long with the winding mountain roads, it was quite fun to horn everytime we reach the corner to announce our arrival to the incoming cars.

The plantaion!!
The road was blocked, my mum said. With the road having the width of 2 cars, cars coming up and down the mountain, and stupid people who parked their cars on the road side with no consideration, everyone got stuck.


There wasn't enough space to reverse or to go back since the road was blocked by incoming cars... What a bummer.

As time passed by with no one getting any where, my wonderful mum stepped out and started instructing drivers to shift their cars to make way to end the jam. Slowly, some cars reversed and some shifted forward and sideways, and the road was cleared!!

Took us quite some time before it was our turn to get down.

It was horrible to be stuck on a mountain road, but the view was really splendid. Was it better than the previous plantation? Probably, if only I could get up to the view point... D:

With our trip to the plantation ruined, the aunties and uncles decided to go yam-cha, again. Really, I don't get it. How can these aunties keep on yam-chaing??

My mum's the lazy one, she prefers to let others to organize the activities, 'it's to bothersome,' she said. Quite true, I supposed.

Since it was drizzling and the aunties really want to go yam-cha, we went to this 5-star hotel. Skipping the tea which I couldn't tell the taste, I absolutely love the desserts!

See the pyramid shape chocolate cake? It's the most delicious chocolate cake I've ever had in my entire life. And the other chocolate cake behind? I thought it was the best until the pyramid defeated it.

Our snack. If only Sebastian was there to serve. :D

Went cam-whoring after a while. The hotel wasn't really big, but the design was nice.

Took this outside the hotel~ Yes, Andrea again. She's really adorable.

By the time the adults (I'm just an adolescent I don't care.) are finished with their teas, we left the hotel and headed back to our bungalow.

Ping Pong again!!! After we bathed (lol). Not a very smart move, but the weather was really cool, and we didn't sweat much, in fact, my nose got unblocked after playing a few rounds with my brother.

Dinner was roast chicken, lamb steak, potatoes, and salad. It was a lovely meal! :3

As for dessert? Strawberries!! We didn't go all the way to the farm for nothing! :D

To be continued.

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