Saturday, October 31, 2009

Devil's Proof

*inserts 'Trick or Treat'*

Who says Halloween must be creepy, disgusting, and scary??

With English lyrics, though the video below is cuter~

The cutest Halloween ever!!! :3

Really, the content (lyric) of the song is actually quite ominous in contrast with the cute Rin & Len in the video! Who knew cuties can be evil?? :D

And so I've waited the whole day and yet Dorothy is simply missing in action. But can one proof that she's not scurrying around?

How do you proof something that doesn't exist?

That's devil's proof.

I don't think I'd mind seeing a transparent hamster with it bones and fleshes visible to me... Provided that she's harmless. :3

This year Halloween seems closer to me. Is it because of my current environment? Maybe it wasn't that popular among high-schoolers.

Though, it'll be really nice if our college holds a party for us... D:

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