Monday, October 12, 2009


Amy looks so cute and odd in formal cloths and pushing a trolley!! Wait, not just her! We're all wearing formal and shopping in Carrefour hypermarket~ lol


Our management project is like, 70% done!!!

We're not failures~~ >:3

Went to college around 8 after fussing with the pants my mum lent me. (I realized, in horror, that they were too short for me when I put on her new court shoes, which she couldn't really wear) Got a pair of longer pants after that and rushed to college. Luckily it wasn't really jam but I got there so early... T.T Amy and Priya wasn't there yet...

Went facebooking and printed the documents needed out when the two arrive in skirts. Heeh, so I was the only one in pants. Then we rushed with our big and small bags into my car and headed off to Carrefour, and to discover that we're waaaaaaaaaaaayy too early. >.>

There's actually no need to rush Miii...

What did we do? We stayed in my car for like more than 10 minutes with me asking for the time every 2 minutes studying the questions we're going to ask and imagining all sorts of situation.

Finally! The agreed-time-to-get-out arrived and we got out. Had to go through the thermal scan again, and again, Amy failed with a shocking temperature of 38C.

Waited for some time, and had Amy re-scanned. She failed. O.o So we kinda panicked and fanned Amy. At last Amy was cool enough to pass the scan...

Got up to the 3rd floor and the evil duo made me talk to the receptionist.

'You're the one who got Carrefour so you go.'


Spoke to the lady and she mistook us for interviewees looking for a job and wanted to make us to fill an application form. But the fabulous me explained that we were doing this for a project and saved us from the form while the lady made us to sit down and wait.

Gawd it was so awkward. There we sat, three girls wearing so formal, each clutching to her bag and a file. Oh why did those people from Carrefour who passed by had to stare at us so much???

Witnessed some interviewees got greeted by their interviewer and made a mental note, 'so that's one from the many ways of the process of an job-interview.'

Then, a guy, wearing a polo-t and jeans walked out, reading a pile of documents he was holding and scanned through the small crowd waiting at the area.

And he called out my name as he eyed us three.

Shook hands with him and he invited us to a room but we moved to his office instead as the room was booked by the lady interviewer just now.


Damn. My shoes were so noisy that I had to tip-toed to silent my footsteps... D: That was so, freaking, embarrassing.....

After we settled down at the round table in his office, we started the interview.

-happy (afte rall he didn't forget about us or ffk us!!)

Rizal was actually very friendly, and talked to us as if he were our lecturer, I don't think I'll mind having him as our MGT lecturer, (heesh, who cares about Mr. James!). Before we started, he even suggested that we record the whole thing before I even open my almost-stuttering-mouth. xD He explained quite a lot of things we need to know and asked us when he wasn't too sure in a friendly manner.

We are just so lucky.

Now this is what I call quality service. I shop at Carrefour so often, it's natural that Carrefour helps me in my coursework~ xD At least that's what I think.

After an hour and another 10 minutes, he gave us a brief slide show that's somehow related to our questions. (no, he didn't prepare the slide beforehand, it was one he showed during a presentation at some Uni...)

When the whole session ended, he signed our letter and we had a photo with him outside and passed him our chocolate. Thank god we got a friendly guy... :D

Oh, and I didn't realized that Friday was casual day wear everyone can wear casually to office, and dang, the three of us looked so formal.

Wow, the whole session took more than 1 hour and 40 minutes...

Our work progress bar was immediately 60% filled~ x3

Dumped our things into my car and we went shopping for groceries at Carrefour~ So convenient! :D

The sad thing was he didn't give us any vouchers as we (fine, so the other 2 didn't and it was just me) I hoped... :(

In just a morning, we felt so accomplished~

Just a little bit more to accomplish on Thursday~~ Yay!!

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