Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Been quite busy since last post.

My grandparents stayed for around 2 weeks, which means, shopping on weekends and TVs on weekdays. Got so occupied that I was too tired to update...

But they're back, with (unfortunately) my broadband modem, and, my xiao mi forgot the password for my dad's wifi...

So college's getting a little challenging with the management project right now. After so many failed follow-up calls, we finally got accepted by Carrefour~~ :3 And many thanks to me for calling and getting the interview set with my first call ever~~

Interview will be on this Friday, 10:00 am, at Level 3, Carrefour HQ~~

Now I can boast my amazing communication skill.

Need to get ready for it~~ Will be sending another letter to Subang Parade, again. Hopefully we get accepted too~~ lol I'm hoping to get more experience in this!

Will do my best to update some posts which are supposed to be up earlier than this. xD

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