Thursday, October 1, 2009

Field Trip!

I don't think there's anyway we can describe how bad Mr. James is at lecturing.

After dragging for weeks, we finally made our move!

1. Sushi Kin
2. Carrefour
3. Subang Parade
4. Digi
6. One World Hotel

Sent the first 3 permission letter by hand, second 3 by mail, and the last one is backup.

We went to the post office which is conveniently beside our college!!
Amy & Priya learned something new~
They learned how to buy stamps, send letters, and to queue at the post office... lol

After we sent the letters, we headed back to college, got the map from Googles on how to get to Sushi Kin head office, and off we go~~

It took us some time to get there...

First we go lost, so we make a turn somewhere after passing the place near CES.

Next we drove around the area until my mobile navigators found a way to get us 'found'.

After that we had to go through the 'cat road' (don't ask why is it call the 'cat road', you don't wanna know...), twice. T.T Poor kitty.

Then, we had to drive passed the 'terrible road', twice too. It was full of bumps and holes and made our teeth clatter, our heads bobbing, and our bodies shaking throughout the whole journey. *Urgh. I hate it. really, really hate it.*

Finally, after a turn at a junction we saw our destination, Can you imagine how happy we were? :D

The Building that houses the Sushi Kin HQ~~


First time entering a cooperate building like this, without an adult... The parking lot was full, so the guard made us to park somewhere at a corner... Then, we had to register and let the guard to check our temperature (H1N1!)

Priya passed, I passed, but not Amy cause she was too hot~ :D So we waited for a while to let the girl to cool down first and check again. This time she passed~ :3 We checked for the map and located Sushi Kin, it was at first floor, so off we went up the stairs~

Sushi Kin's entrance was kinda cute~ With the fishies hanging on the shiny glass door and the restaurant sticker on it as well~~ :D

The interior was pretty welcoming, though that can't be sure until we are accepted for the interview...

There wasn't a receptionist so we passed the letter of permission to a lady nearest to the entrance... And these two decided to try out the sanitizer at the entrance...

'Bla-bla-bla-bla (I forgot) The HR will contact you,' she said.

Ok... We'll wait. Hopefully the one they contact is Priya or Amy... xD

One letter down!! And so we left~ That's my car~~ :P

Next stop, Carrefour!!

Although I've been there shopping zillion times with my mum before, I never knew where was the head office, until, today. The lady at the customer service informed us to go down to the basement and take the lift to reach there...



Going down~ At first we just stood on the escalator, discussing about the sad location of the HQ... Then Amy started about her car ticket going to expire in less than an hour's time, we realized that it'd be faster if we walk... =.=

Squeezing through 2 closely-parked-to-each-other-car~~ Amy had no problem, but Priya ada sikit masalah... lol

In the basement, the sign guided us throughout the whole HQ searching journey... Though, why basement...? >.>lll

Finally there~ But not before another H1N1 scan before we used the lift~~ The HQ looks pretty nice inside, but I might change my opinion if they reject us... :)

Saya sihat hari ini saja. The sticker the guard gave us before we enter the HQ~
Passed the letter to the lady at the receptionist and another mission accomplished~~ :D

Last stop, Subang Parade~~ These 2 lazy bums wanted to use the tunnel cause they say it was nearer, not when we got out of it and saw that we still have to walk.

Reached Subang Parade after a short walk under the scorching sun. The one we asked for the location of the HQ at the information counter didn't know where it is and had to ask another guy to tell us.

Pathetic. Aren't you supposed to know where it is?

We went to the topmost level at the end and looked for the HQ, but all we saw was Parkson, until Amy spotted the entrance which blends with the watch shop beside it on the other side of the mall. Passed the letter to the guy with another 'we'll call you'.

All done! Wheeeeeeeee~~ In less than 2 hours~~ Oh wait, there's more! Sad sad Priya never been to a sushi restaurant before so we took her to Sushi Kin to try it~~

Big Apple donuts!! :3 While waiting for the sushi to be served, Priya and I raced to Big Apple to grab some donuts~ Lovely lovely lovely Duren duren is lovely!! :P The rest are chocolate!!

Chocolate's the best!! :3

And we're back at college around 12:30~~ That was fast! xD What a day. And now I know how to pass a letter to the HQ!

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