Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sleep tight, sleepy Dorothy.

It came as a nasty shock.


'Hmm, what shall I do now? Facebooking? Oh wait, I've yet to play with them today, and I shall do so now.'

*lifts lid and pokes the first hamster in sight*

'Ok, so this is Tee, the psychotic one, just wait, one day I shall tame you. Now where's Dorothy...?'

*lifts house lid*

*sees a fly in the box*

*Dorothy was sleeping in her house*


Something doesn't look right....

'Why is she sleeping like this?'



Once again, if it wasn't for my father who was bathing downstairs, I swear I'll scream until the neighbours run out of their houses in fear.

Damn. She's... stiff already. How long has the time passed?

Was it last night...? I remember checking on them before I went to bed. ok... So when I checked her, she was sleeping. When I took her up, she wasn't very responsive, which I thought it was normal since, well, isn't everyone like that? Still a bit blur, for some serious cases, very blur when you just woke up?

Fluffy's like that, even Tee allows me to hold her (unknowingly, since she's so blur) when she just woke up...

Then I thought... Did I place her in her house back then...? Couldn't remember. Memory is in a messy state. Gawd, if I did place her there... Does that mean that she just fell into her eternal sleep after that...

/End of Flashback/

First time ever, I had to dig a hole for my birthday present.
To be honest, pets do not make excellent present. Cute as they may be.
I may be eccentric, but I still have a normal people's common sense.
The responsibility, the wild thought of 'if they die my friendship will die' (you all know I'm weird), and definitely this.

Come to think of it, Dorothy had been living with me for like, what 11 days? Not even 2 weeks. Before I can even gather more materials and blog about them. tsk

What went wrong? I'm clueless.

These are the only photos I have for her. And, I don't know which one is her exactly. =.=

Is that Tee or Dorothy drinking? Either way they look heart-meltingly cute.

Still no idea which one is which one. Oh wait, I think the sleeping one (in both photo) is Tee... I think.

Both of them, still asleep. And did I ever mention that Dorothy was found sleeping in this box?

Lonely Tee. Ah well.

May you live long and prosper.
*hand up, \ || //*

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