Monday, August 24, 2009

UFP - The AK Batch Is Fabulous

I brought Sparkling Juice!!!

It's a PARTY people!

Wow. It's like 2 weeks ago this party was held, and I'm blogging it just before the new sem starts. It's so nice to have everyone gathered and celebrate our short-term freedom~

Really, our batch is just so small.

'It's the most united batch I've seen,' Daniel, an experience senior who joined the batch before us. 'Really, no other batch are like you guys.'


This means, we're fabulous.

Feasting!!! Crisp, Kuei Teow, Curry Puffs, and more crisp.

AK1 - Shan Qi, Jiri, Su Yang, Sean, Ming Fei, Andrew, Ken. It's a small world here.

AK2 - Me, Lizzie, Amy, SueLing, Cerlyn, Priya, Annie, Karyn, Marcus, Lucas, Aamos, Bernard, Wai Kit.

AK3 - Chelsia, Eloise, HuiVoon, JheYee, Jane, Tze Horng, Guna, Charles, Richard, Brian.

Did I miss out anyone...?

It's so small that you can count our number with your fingers.

And Tze Horng unbottled the Sparkling Juice!!! xD

Here's a drunkard.

And here's a drunkard-ess!!

The Drunkyard!!! They didn't brings cups, so yeah.

That's a big mouth you have there, papa.
Hehe, I had mine already, with my sister's cup. No need to drink like this...

They must had something else we didn't know, that's why they're unusually drunk.

Really, this whole batch celebrating together is simply fabulous. How often does everyone member of a single course gather and celebrate together like this? You won't see this in Taylor's. Being linked to one another feels great.

Another sem over, a new one's coming tomorrow. There are people who are thinking of moving all the time, like Annie, who isn't supposed to be in Business at all with her science brain, and JheYee papa, who's freaking good at interior design, what the hell is she doing here?! No future in their dream, is what prison them here.

I enjoy being with everyone, I wish for their best, and yet, I wish that they won't leave my side to venture else where to pursue their dreams. It's selfish of me, but leaving, is just a sad thing I wish to avoid at all cost.

When you leave,
You'll take away a part of me,
And I'll be empty and hollow inside,
Since we may not be together forever,
Memories created with you are precious.
Time spent together with you is irreplaceable.
But before that happens,
Let's just enjoy our life.
My last semester,
Here I come.

It's a new sem. I'm off on Thursday and Friday! What a treat! Oh yeah~

It's Honeymoon time!!!

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