Saturday, August 22, 2009

07 Ghost

It's gonna be about manga and anime. I've just realize that I have yet to make any post for them for quite some time... So it's time to tidy my mind. If you're not interested, I supposed there's not much that I could do, right?

First impression: I love the colours and tones.

OP theme: so-so, sounds cliche to me...

ED theme: not bad, enjoyable

Character design/animation: 8.5/10, no one undergo any sudden plastic surgery.

Story pace: 7.5/10

Forgotten what caught my attention. The story stands out in a way. I've read, and still reading the manga, the art is pleasant and pretty. No what-so awesomeness but the colour drawings are nicely-coloured in a harmonious way.

Teito and the oh-so-cute Mikage reincarnation. At first glance, Teito's character design wasn't really impressive. I mean, there's loads of his look-alike in the manga world. But since he's the main chara...there's nothing much I could do, too.

Hakuren, the Mikage look-alike. Voiced by Fukuyama Jun!!! XD OMG, he sound a lot like Lelouch!!!!! *Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~* Even his eyes are purple!! In some ways he's similar to Lelouch!! No wonder Jun-jun forced his voice low-alto, which is something he needs to work hard on!!

As expected from Studio Deen, the background is breath-taking. They made everything to look so fairytale-ish!!! The colour tones, the 3D effects, shadings and highlights, awesome! Just this church looks holy enough!!

The OP animation was generally good, I give a 6.5/10. What pulls the rating down is this:Eeeeeeeeek!! Is that a girl???!! What's with those pointed toes???!!! The posture is so girlish!!!

Can't he look more manly...? The background was pleasant, the little hint of rainbow was delightful, but whoever drew him to look like this deserves a big slap in the face!!!

The 3D water effect was very impressive. Just beautiful. It's sunset, Studio Deen is simply awesome to make it so real. Never mind the humans in this pic, they just look wrong. I've been wondering where did Frau sit on? Was the fountain curb (what do you call that? A wall?) that wide that Teito could lay and Frau could sit on it together....?? Let's just assume they can.

Moving on to the story. The thing I like the most in this anime is probably the eye fish, which are fish that looks like eyeballs. They're edible, not to mention delicious, although I have yet to try them... Fabulous. I love the matter-of-fact-look on Castor's face when he explained to Teito.

Still can't stop myself drooling over the background...

The anime didn't follow the manga loyally for some episodes. I was so freaking disappointed when they wasted around 3 episodes that didn't contribute in moving the story moving forward. What's with the I'm-waiting-for-my-dad-so-I'm-stealing-food little girl and the I'm-weak-help-me-oniisan green hair girl who calls Mikage 'Brother' for some unknown reason? Fillers!!! Heez, I hate these kind of meaningless fillers...

The manga, wasn't really bad. But it can be better. The art would go cuckoo and messy when it comes to action scene. I could only make out most of it only after I watch the anime. But in overall, it's a manga that receives 7.7/10.

The characters are pretty cool.

The more interesting and not so stereotypical character goes to Frau, a pervert bishop who hates god and yet blesses people with 'May god be with you'. Inevitably, he has some typical 'cold on the outside soft in the inside' trait.

Then we have Castor, who has a reasonably tragic past, but nothing too special. Labrador, on the other hand, shocked me when I discovered that he, is a he. I watch the anime first, and I seriously thought he was a she. There you go, a flower loving gentle 'man'.

Now, Hakuren Oak. The initially self-obsessed guy. Cool and calm, he's walking a path that leads him towards the god-serving pervert bishop. He's actually pretty cool and has similar personality as Castor's.

The antagonist Ayanami, is very mysterious. Apparently he's Verloren's soul. By logic, he'd want to wreck the human world once he got back his body, and yet, he said 'I would protect this empire' with a ready-to-die look. Why is he so contradicting??? I'm suspecting there could be something wrong with the God here... And lol, he looks a bit 'fatter' in the anime. I think I like the manga version better. His hair doesn't look that thick and 'curly' in the anime too.

I like Aya-tan's subordinates. Especially the lollipop licking guy. xD Another thing that's weird is that the supposedly bad guy Aya-tan actually appreciates his fellow workers... Hmmm... Why...?

I just can't stand the hint of BL in the anime. Like, Teito runs and jumps to hug Mikage and Mikage hugging him tightly or Frau carrying Tetito around... I don't know what, but those scenes are soooooooooo wrong.

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