Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birdday!!!

Happy Birthday Lizzie!!!

And wow, none of us knew you are so blur and easy to trick...

Went or my first Japanese lesson. Wow, the class was pretty quiet, the sensei didn't give us chances for interaction among ourselves... And I still don't know her name... What was taught that day was pretty refreshing and easy, since the last time I learned all the jikan and suji was like 5 years ago. Now I'll just have to wait until she move pass the basic of the basic and goes into the beginner 3 part...

Should I practice my Hiragana and Katakana...? I can recognise them wor... Lazy to write la...

Right after the class ended, my mum, whom the sensei kindly invited her to join the lesson since she has nothing to do, bought my sis and me to Sunway, after I convinced them by listing out what they could do there while I gate-crash surprise Ze Bird. Since I'm grounded, I'm looking for loopholes!!!!

'Where are you now? We just surprised her.' Came Amy's sms.

Coming, coming, coming, just wait while I look for Italiannese...

'Welcome!' Greeted the lady in uniform.

'.... I'm looking for a bunch of friends...' I informed her after scanning the ground floor for familiar faces.

'Then they're upstairs.' She answered as she pointed at the stairs.

Swiftly and silently, I moved up the stairs carefully, in case she sees me before I see her. Starting from the right side. Nope, not them, no, nope, as I finished scanning that area, I thought I was rather stupid not to have seen the party on the long table on my left, which, apparently is the only bunch of people in that section...

The surprise doesn't ends for her eh... First Vivian surprise her with her friends, then Amy gave her one, and with the fact of me unable to join her party in her mind, I surprised her...

'I thought you said you can't come?'

'I dragged my mum along.'

And I grinned at Vivian.

'Ooooh! So who's the culprit ah??'

'Huh? Whut?' We turned away.

Basically Vivian got the idea and took action, so she's the leader. Lucas and I were accomplices, dragging more people in. xD

The party was near the end already, everyone was/had eating/finished their cakes... And Marcus, surprisingly there as well, got up, and hit the lamp above him with his awesome spiky hair.

The lamp swung dangerously while everyone roared with laughter.

'I'm not going to sit there anymore,' said Marcus as he left that seat.

And here's the candle Tze Horng tried to cut into half with his fork and knife... We tend to do a lot of weird things eh... Then, Lucas, the chair, paid collected money to pay the bill...

The sofa chair!

Small group pic before we dispersed!! It's so nice to surprise people~ xD

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