Saturday, July 4, 2009

On a Saturday

By luck, I caught this pair of guys jumping up when I was trying to capture the atmosphere at Metropolitan's 3 on 3 Streetball Challenge.

First time talked with Ian, who's from Taman SEA whom we know each others' existances but never talk before. No wonder that face on the IC looked so familiar.

Marcus, Lucas and Ian formed a team. And we watched their match. Initially, we went to Metro to visit the bazaar at Subang Square. Since we're there, we might as well show some support to them...

Marcus leaping to shoot.

I love taking the leaping-&-shoot photo. It gives me some sort of inspiration and motivation by just looking at it.

Lucas shooting this time.

Lulu-bell shooting. Looks like an art from Slam Dunk!!

Ian was amused to hear that we nicknamed Lucas 'Lulu', short for Lulubell from Priya's wallet.

'I sympathise him,' he said.

Let's just hope that Lucas doesn't know that Ian knows that we call him Lulu.

Went to the bazaar with Amy, Eliz, Tze Horng, Ian, Su Yang and his basketball friends. The guys settled down for lunch while we girls went on a shopping-spree.

Didn't spent much. But I learned that the art of bargain is very important. Got myself a bracelet and some cream puffs for my sis. Shopped around one hour and we left.

Here's a photo:
My pretty G-cube mouse. My bracelet. And my test pad.

Got the mouse months ago. Laser, retractable and pretty, that's what caught me. Contemplated for weeks before I bought it, my mum wouldn't pay for me...

The test pad was bought in Carrefour. Delighted by its similar design with my mouse, I grabbed it to match my mouse. Maybe I should turn it into a laptop paper or a mouse pad...

The bracelet was 20, but with some bargaining strategy I learned from Reader's Digest Australian version, I got it for 17.

'It's 20.' The lady said.

'Oh... *glancing at the necklace Amy's holding* If we buy together, any discounts?'

'......... Hmmm... Well, I can give you...'

'Mmmmm...*holding up the bracelet* Then, how much for this?'

'18... and that necklace can be 18 too.'

'18 ah... *think hard* how bout 17? I'm still 17 only...'

'17 ah... Cannot eh... ...... ......'

'18 sounds old leh... '

'Yeah, she's still in puberty.' Eliz stated.

' *lol* Ok... 17 then... and 17 for that *the bracelet now Amy wants to buy* bracelet too.'



I love being 17.

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