Sunday, July 5, 2009

CLAMP goes MikuMiku


OMG. That's so adorable!!!!


CLAMP!Miku looks angst and gothic, a total contrast with the usual cheerful Miku!!

I like the contrast. Innocent-looking Miku with cute mascots with the ominous red moon in the night= WIN.

Screen shots from the video: 無限の闇―echo of the past【オリジナル 】

The red moon gives out a dark ambiance... Love it!!

Lily and thorn wings + ribbons = a very emo Miku.

Classic CLAMP. Looks like Nunually and Kobato...

The prettiest art so far. I want a bigger version!!! And without the lyrics!!! So detailed, I love her hair!!!! So soft and airy!!!

With colours, finally!! Pretty!!

The video: 無限の闇―echo of the past【オリジナル 】

The music isn't bad. I like the intro especially. Very dark. The body is... a bit too short I think... It feels like a cliff hanger, leaving me unsatisfied... Though, it's nice and sweet. Absolutely love the contrasting sweet voice with the dark melody.

Here comes Tsubasa:
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!! OMFG. They didn't die. I can't believe that. The dead should always remain dead... Ok, so maybe I shouldn't be so mean. But it's just uncool to revive the dead(s), even if they're not completely dead, according to CLAMP's theory...

OLD Matured Syaoran!!! OMG!! They're even married!!!

And Mama Sakura. Eeeeekk!! Sakura as a mum??!! That's so un-sakura-ish!!

ROFL. So now the clones are Real!Syaoran's parents... So who's the egg and who's the hen???!! And it doesn't make sense!!!

'That may be only natural, of course.'

Which part is natural!!?? There's no way they can look the same!! Unless Syaoran decided to clone himself the Dolly way!!!

Conclusion made, there's none, totally no logic in CLAMP's universe.

And here's a pretty Kobato. Gorgeous. That's all I can say. Can't wait for the anime!!!


The weather got me. 2 hours of dodge ball training under the sun is bad for me. A day walking under the burning sun with no wind is also bad. Everything tolled up on yesterday night, and OMG, I didn't notice even at night it was 32°C. No wonder I had a headache and had to sleep early.

Woke up this morning feeling better, it rained before, so it was pretty cool. But for some unknown reason, the headache came back to haunt me. *ouch*

Guess it's light out early tonight too.

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