Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun Out!

It was a day where the Circle Ks and the Thespians invited kids from orphanage to our college to have fun.

Amy, Eliz, Ling, and Priya were at college doing their project. I arrived when they were at Burger King munching off their lunches. And I got my burger from them.

We waited for the kids to watch Kung Fu Panda at the concourse. When they came out, they headed to the cafeteria to have their lunches. So we went along to join them.

Amy immediately spotted a cute boy wearing a bright yellow shirt. Priya was staring at every little kids. Eliz was scanning the people around us. SueLing was whacking Priya ever 1 minute hushing her not to stare. Amy's eyes were totally glued to the twins (Oh yes, that cute boy has a twin brother!!). As for me, I was retelling my encounter with several people's ancestors.

Amy the cute boys abductor patted the boy's (Whose name is Ian Lee)head everytime she passed him when she answered her phone. That boy looked up at her looking terrified everytime she did that. LOL

Although other K-ers nudged us to interact with the kids, we felt awkward, as in really awkward. We wanted to move to the little kids table but it was all filled!! So we sat at our table, looking like an island in the middle of the sea...

After they finished their McDs, everyone move to the basketball court to play the Hoop game.

Here's Amy grabbing the kid the first chance she got...

Still remember a motivation talk we were given in Taman SEA? It was that hoop game. Everyone formed a circle by holding hands, hoops were inserted into the circle and everyone wriggled their bodies to go through the hoops...

Here we are, under the blazing sun, our skins burn as if they were heated in the oven. It was a big circle, so there were more than two hoops.

The game was fun. The situation tensed when we see two incoming hoops. No one wants to challenge the double hoop.

Taken before the Telematch started!! The blue shirt boy is the twins' brother.

Only the older kids joined the Telematch, the younger ones, those below 10, did colouring.

Eliz the Station Master at work~ XD

Eliz and I were stationed at the same place. Our station game? Hide flag stickers everywhere and make the team members search for it.

Every team is given 1 minute to memorise the flags (Perak, Selangor, Labuan and etc). Then, they can start looking for the flag until the whistle is blew. Match the correct flag will earn you 5 marks, wrong one deduct 1 mark. Any Malaysia flag found will earn bonus 5 marks.

We had to guard the border, make sure no one trespass the borderline, hide the stickers whenever someone found the same sticker their team members had found earlier.

You'd think our job is easy...

Think again.

We had to stand under the sun, repeat the instruction 6 times, remind the teams what they can't do, re-hide the stickers during the game, and brain-storm where to hide them. Especially the Malaysia flags. We had to hid them at the most bizarre place we could think of. After all, no pain no gain. XD

After I-forgot-how-many-teams passed, we were given a much-needed short break.

Then, we had a photo session as the kids from Compassion Home had to leave early.

Michelle from Compassion Home~ She's 15 this year, so yeah, PMR. Good Luck!!

Oh my. I feel bad. We're so mean. Why? Check for yourself.

SueLing and the Twins.

Me and the Twins.

Amy and the Twins.

Eliz and the twins.

You can see everyone was fighting to be with the twins. We're so mean to other kids.

Amy and her team plus some uninvited people.

More photos one the twins...

They're probably sweating seeing me jumping in front of them to snap more photos. Oh yeah, I ran forward and jumped. No wonder they looked like that.

I don't have the family photo. Will look for it.

Then, the game continued.

Priya's team looking for the sticker flags.

I hid one Malaysia flag on my camera. We had to hint to make them discover it.

Eliz with her usual eyes=lines look~~ XP

Finally, everything ended.

The last game was the straw game.


Do avoid this kind of stupid game that pollutes the environment. Especially those with authority.

I feel so guilty polluting the environment.

It was tea time after the game ended and we were provided Just Tea and sandwiches.

Eliz and I left during the prize-giving ceremony. I had to gesture my mum to move her car forward (her car was right in front of the concourse) as we wanted to avoid a grand exit in front of others. XP

And now, ah it's Father's Day. gotta ciao to do something. I know it's late already, almost the end of the day already, but nvm... lol


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