Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dodge it

I'm slacking.

Lack of sleep. Mostly due to my bad habit of failing to sleep at normal time when I don't have to get up early the next morning. Must change... I've been sleeping through most of the lessons this week... XD

I thought I could get an early sleep on Monday. Unexpectedly, it was totally ruined as Eliz dragged me into the dodge ball whirlpool.

I was bewildered to heard that the competition is to be held at Cineleisure... Cineleisure? HUH? Tze Horng, the good driver guaranteed to be late everytime, arrived 15 minutes late in front of my house with Su Yang. He sped of to Eliz's house to pick her.

We hop off his car after he entered the basement parking with Su Yang leading us to visualise my imaginary dodge ball court. I could practically feel my jaw plummeted to the floor with a thud as we arrived.

I don't mind playing in front of people. I don't. After all, I've participated in at least two concerts with around 300 audience staring at me.

However, I do mind playing in front of a camera.


No one told us it was this serious.

At the entrance of Cineleisure, a court was set up, secured with some kind of make-shift net to protect the audience, and completed with the people in charge and camera crews.

People were gathering around it, some watching and some cheering. And Omg, there were cheerleaders too... Looking around, we wondered where were our cheerleaders...

The thing I had to subdue my urge to smash was the "crane-camera". It was swinging above our heads, focusing on the match and occasionally catching us during a short break. And no, seems like one big floating camera was not enough, it had to be completed with several camera men and an well-equipped interview group outside the entrance.

We waited outside for our so-called team mates to come. Haha, why the hell are we waiting for them? Shouldn't it be the other way round? They need girl, at least one girl, which makes either me or Eliz VIP, and yet, why are the VIPs waiting for the NIPs?

Aamos arrived and we got our ugly fugly monstrous hideous jersey from him. We realised that it could be seen-through and we wore it with our shirt. As our team assembled, with someone some boys taking their sweet time changing and moving back to us, it was our turn.

Eliz joined the first game, I the second and the last. To make it worst, they need a spokesperson. Naturally, the one not playing is the spokesperson.

bloody hell

And there I went, holding the mic introducing myself, in front of the crowd, and the stupid camera.

Thank god I'm next.

The first game, everyone was out, except Aamos, who was doing a dance-like evading move to dodge the opponents' balls. I must say he was so cool. He looked like he was dancing hip-hop instead of dodging the balls. But... With only himself in, he was eventually out.

The second game, I was in. oh shit We got our balls. The boys started shooting them at the opponents with not much success hits. Poor Su Yang was out pretty fast, I lost track of other team mates.

Ok, pause for a bit. I played dodge ball before, at school, with Pn Kwang. But that was what you call once upon a time. The rules were pretty much forgotten. Not to mention it wasn't a proper game. We used volleyballs as the soft balls we're supposed to use. How much can one learn from a game like that?

Continue. As I evaded some balls, seriously, I don't think anyone tried to hit me at all, they were aiming for the guys with brutal force, and I just so happened to be there. Seeing the not-united boys were pretty busy and some balls rolling around, I actually stepped out of the white box I was supposed to be in to pick them up.

A refree sort of guy saw me doing that. By right, I should be out. But he seemed to have register that I was, am, a noob, he just warned me quietly. By the time my head was back to the game, almost everyone was out.

And pretty soon, I was the last one standing.

So you'd think the last one standing sounds cool. Like, 'wow, you must be good!' Ha. I felt so incredulous. oh shit I'm not strong enough to throw the ball!!!!! And the thought of getting rid of all the opponents in front of me was like mission impossible.


I was out by throwing just one ball. lol A guy caught it. The end.

The third game. Was slightly better as I adjusted myself. Still, to my horror, I realised what is so wrong with our team. We had no plans, and worst, we're not even united.

What a team.

There we fought, with Marcus holding two balls in his huge hands, balls were overflowing in our court. I was holding one not knowing what to do. It was so awkward. I was the last standing, again. 'Oh shit,' I said again to myself.

But I was out before I even throw a ball. Not that the opponent hit me with one, simply because I trod on the white line. Now I know.

Heez, we lost with a record of 0-3. Amazing. Simply fabulous. We even thought of breaking the record. The record of losing every game.

Sitting outside, we drank our 7up sponsored by probably 7 up, the interview crew wanted an interview with us. oh shit And they said it would be live later on.

Basically, we fooled around quite a bit, the crews staring at us with an incredulous look. I don't feel like putting details here.

Maybe just this part:

Crew: Where are you (the whole team) from?
Marcus: Oh, I'm Marcus. I'm from Malaysia. It's my first time playing.

*Oh great, did anyone asked for your personal details??*

Generally, we're not united. A lot of things that had to be answered in the interview
required teamwork, which we obviously lack of.

I must say, it was freaking embarrassing. The end of interview.

Outside Cineleisure. And ah no, Eliz was indeed wearing her shorts. The jersey was hideous and it's too long. In addition, it was a Football jersey. (See the FC behind) What a marvellous team we have.

After the game, we went strolling around mindlessly until Tze Horng brought us to Echo Park where Eliz didn't knew what it was. The boys, ego-bruised, were playing basketball. Aamos seems like a reserved boy. But he was unbelievably aggressive when he played basketball.

Er no. Aamos's not here. He was whacking Lucas' head when he and Lucas were fighting for the ball at the corner. Incredible.

And here's Tze Horng, our devoted yet pretty aggressive driver checking the genuineness of the pillar.

The last two to leave the small court was Su Yang and Marcus, vying to shoot the last ball. Su Yang went pretty much cuckoo after he lost to Marcus. He tried to hug Eliz and Tze Horng even though he was aware of his sweaty state. He complained that Eliz hurt him because she rejected him.

Sounds really wrong. But never mind, we all know he's lose his sanity, but not enough to send him to the asylum.

So much for a day.

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