Saturday, June 27, 2009

Popcorn - In Memories

And now I miss this idiot's innocent and timid look.

It came as a shock.

Like a wave that washes you unexpectedly and retreats so fast that you didn't realize it just happened.

Then, you'd start questioning yourself, again and again like a never-ending spiral staircase towards the depth of the bottomless abyss.

"It happened? It did?"

Another way to enjoy Transformer 2, is to have your sister to call you to inform that your maid told her that her mother told the maid Popcorn was abducted by angels when you were totally absorbed into the thrilling battle scene of Bumblebee versus Megatron.

The message somehow creep out from the left ear, leaving a corrosive trail behind, melting those valiant brain soldiers that confronted it. The survivors prompted to find out more of the unknown enemy, perished immediately even though they were prepared, leaving the brain fortress they once served paralysed.


'*beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep*'

*System crashed*

Ending the unfortunate phone call, I returned to the screen.

"Usually, at this kind of situation, people cry. Should I start crying?" The deserted brain fortress echoed hollowly while portraits of the white-but-always-black puppy crashed into the fortress out of no where.

I debated. I have yet to lose anyone who hare really close to me. The kittens lasted for two weeks, and this one month. There is some kind of hollowness, but grieve isn't overfilling the void. Nothing triggers me.

The puppies enjoy/enjoyed playing with each other. Sometimes they just didn't realize that they were to rough while playing, especially Muffin. So Popcorn's mouth started bleeding like hell, my mum sent her to the 'Sri Siam' vet to treat her.

The vet, let's just say I don't like the people there. They treat the pets a bit rough, and it seems like every trip to there ended so quick that I can't help to contemplate whether did the vet check them thoroughly.

Back to the clinic, the vet 'lasered' her burst blood vessel in her mouth. When I got her, I was pretty horrified at the sight of her pitiful mouth. It looked as if fire from hell just gave it a visit. The treatment wasn't cheap, and we suspect that the vet overcharged us...
But Popcorn was recovering, by the next day she started licking us, although less frequently. And her swollen eye wasn't that swollen anymore. Then, she just had to play with her sister, and got injured, again. Heez.

And she started bleeding like hell again. Heh. So we sent her to another vet, who stopped her bleeding, but had to sedate the noisy puppy first. Back at home, she continued to whine and yelp. As the vet said it's normal as her mouth felt numb, we just patted her and kept a close watch on her.

Aaaaaannd, she started bleeding, again... When we felt that she's bleeding too long, we sent her to the emergency animal hospital. Then it started raining like the night we sent the kittens there. Wow, what a coincidence. The trip, was horrible. Car-sicked, she vomited everything she ate. The foul smell of the mixture of her partially-digested food and blood nearly made me vomit.

With no choice but to get ourselves accustomed to the dreadful scent, we tried to cleaned the mess. Finally, we arrived at the hospital. The vet checked her and explained that the bleeding was due to a wound at an area where there was a blood clot. The bleeding will stop, eventually, but she didn't know when.

So we left her at the hospital, hoping that she would stop bleeding and recover fast. The next thing we know is the bloody call from the hospital.

She coughed blood and was abducted by angels.

My brain couldn't relate them.

Hugging Muffin and trying to squeeze her as hard as I could, I had to remind myself that the timid and quiet puppy won't be stalking me anymore. And this little devil I'm hugging is one of the main cause of it.

Life, is just so amazing, so unbelievable.

Why is it so much easier to ruin something than to create one?

Life fascinates me. What gives us these emotions, thoughts, instincts and desires?

I'm going astray. Anyway, those alive need to keep moving on. You've got to make use of everything.

And here I come,
putting another foot forward,
slowly, but definitely making progress in life.
May the angels feed you lots of heart-shape biscuits.

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