Saturday, April 11, 2009

Madness Never Ends

Here's Eliz who still has some brain cells functioning properly.

It started off like any other ordinary day, except that a few of us arrived earlier at college when we needn't to.

Ambushed by hunger, three of us trotted off to McD to defeat our greatest enemy.

True or not, I don't know. They say, our brains can't function well if they're experiencing low-blood-glucose level.


The amount of Priya's sugar intake is just not right.

The madness will never end, not if someone as wild as me, the short-circuited brain woman Priya, or even the calm buddha-look Sue Ling are together.

Just look at this:

And the mad woman poured all the sugar and creamer into her coffee and still screamed 'no taste'...

So, our day continued as we started our lessons with the buddhLing teasing Priya for not getting David-hot-guy's ticket and Eliz repeating again and again how Priya yelled at her on the phone when Eliz told Priya that she couldn't get his album.

What more does one ask for a normal yet exciting college life like chatting in a class while scrambling your brains to solve your assignments?

With the girls' voice all over the class like the main instrument in an orchestra and the boys' occasional insults and SOS signals, Elizabeth's handphone vibrated in her pocket.

Pausing for a moment to retrieve her mobile, no one waited for her and continued the crapness.

As Eliz scrolled down the message absent-mindedly, her lips curving upwards at the comment made by others, her thumb instinctively reached out to delete the message, but not before her brain freeze her system when something, or some word caught her eye.

David the cutie.




'Blablablablablabla... Blablablablablabla... Blablablablablabla... We can get David Archuleta's ticket!!'



'What Eliz?!?!'

Amy dashed forward and threw herself onto Eliz.



The excitement spread through the whole, small yes, class, like a wild fire on dry land on a summer day.

Ms. Yeap on the other hand, was seriously annoyed by the thick smoke full of Priya's cries of joy, the blinding fire from Amy's sparkling eyes, and the merry cackling sound of giggles.

Still, her chilly glare couldn't dampen the spirits of the three, mainly Priya and Amy, who both went crazy over it.

No one finished their work. Priya was busy day-dreaming and drooling on the table about her plans for her prince while Amy was bombarded by the annoyed Marcus who kept saying that they'd have to wait for it at 6 or else there won't be any tickets left...

The next morning, 5 insane girls, no, two still had their minds while another had to lose some of it to compromise the madder ones, went to Sunway to get a mile ahead of the crowd with the blessing of twilight.

Whereas I, was still in my dreamland on my cozy bed.

Yes, the so-call crowd consist of only, how many people you say? Less then all your fingers add together. Let's just say that only a few DiGi users got the sms, and from that small portion, at least a quarter of them are most likely to delete the message without reading, another quarter might read, but they might not even know who's Mr. David (hem hem, me for intsance).

What's left is just... Not a big deal...

Like I said before, the madness will never end as long as I am still wild. After the D-fans got the passes (they're not tickets, they only give you a chance to get in on a first come first serve basis), they went shopping. Whereas Sue Ling and I had our lunch at Waffle World together.

The early-morning-syndrome virus lurking in my mind worked up as soon as it received its energy supply.

Unable to suppress the urge to play, and dragging Sue Ling down with me, we played the drum-thingy as we walked pass it.

We were terrified when the music started to play, it was loud and it's just so embarrassing to play in public. To make things worse, Priya and Amy spotted us.

As most would do, they pretended to be strangers and ran away at our pitiful sight.

Embarrassed yes. Our will to not to waste the 4 bucks spent on it drove us through the game. NU. Run away with 4 bucks wasted? NU.

At 11am, we headed out to catch a bus. Unable to look for the bloody bus stop, I phoned Xiao Huang (Chelsia) for help.

'Eh, we're at Sunway Pyramid.'

'Oh, WHAT?'

'Yeah, Sunway la. How do we get to the bus stop?'

'Hmmm... Stop lying lar... It's so quiet there... How can you be in Sunway... Hmph, I can hear people laughing behind...'

'*tsk* I'm not lying. Just tell me which bus to take.'

'Yeah, very funny. I know you're lying...'

'No, I'm not.'

'Blablablabla balablablabla balablabla blabalablablablabala...'

*snaps phone*

Useless dog, to think that I actually sent you to doggy school and this is how you treat your owner? No food for 6 months. Yes, I know you're stalking my blog. Take this seriously or I'll dump you at PAWS.

Luckily I still have my mum and dad. *muack* They're the best.

And now, shit. I wasted 3 days. I should study for the finals. Oh SHIT SHIT SHIT. Panic attacks. I knew I should have started off earlier...

Bye for now.

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