Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OP was sung by YUI. It's so nice that I don't want to get tired of it so fast. It'll be up the next time, right now it's on my queueing list. I love the very-short-piano-part, then the guitar part rocks. The OP scenes are just gorgeous. I love the art!!


Trisha's so pretty. Like how a mum should.

There's two part where Winry and Hawkeye appear and their lips synchronize with song.

The ED song, 'Uso' is catchy. But the ED scenes don't really suit at some part... I admit that the kiddy-drawing style is cute, but the animation drags the music down. Just like a dancer's postures and movements doesn't suit the music played.

LOLz. Always emphasizing on their heights.

As expected of Bones, the quality of the animation is near perfect, for now. I have yet to see any obvious character distortion like in some most anime. The colour... Well, it's a bit different from the previous one. The outlines are light and the colour is much more lighter. I prefer colourful anime, especially the ones where the blood is shiny and red...

The overall of the colour gives a nostalgic feeling. No doubt that every fans will compare the old one to this one. I prefer the older's colour. Bleh, I even used the screenshot as my model picture during form 3.

Let's not judge it with only one episode... We have more to come. OH YES!!

Going back to Tsubasa...

CLAMP decided to leave us in confusion. So it's the usual incidents first, explanation later.

'Don't kacau papa.'

Funny la... Syaoran calling his father who looks EXACTLY like him... One so serious, another look bewildered. Geez, I want to know why papa-Syaoran's wearing the same outfit...

I already lost count of how many Syaoran and Sakura we have... In the last chapter, seems like another Sakura in high school uniform appeared. And that one looks exactly like CCS Sakura's one...

So... Does that mean that Sakura-mama isnt CCS Sakura?

*a piece of my skull drop*

Fine... I'll just wait for CLAMP to clean their mess.

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