Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The kittens are addictive.

Their eyes are so dazzling.

The colour of the deep blue sea with a light shade of grey, crystal clear and shimmering under your gaze.

Can you imagine that? (I think I'm melting by the thought of their stunning eyes)

They seem to have the power to mesmerise anyone who looks indirectly, and conquer the souls of those who stares directly.

A teaser of the kittens.
It's a lousy photo. I know.

I had to separate them, or else the lighter colour one will suck the other's shoulder. Which is not good at all.

I think I'll name the lighther colour one 小白 & the other one 小黑. Even though they're not totally white or even have any black fur at all, as you can see.

Or maybe... I should give them some out of the world names... Like Pizza? Or even Bird-bird, Chibi, Romeo, Ashin, Pooh Bear, Gundam, Bubu, Satay... I think I like Satay...

Despite the extra living distractions, Fluffy is still lovable!! At least he's clean, fleas free, and of course very fluffy.

I sense the virus eating my brain.

So, I've been infected, again, by some weird virus.

First was the early-morning-syndrome.

Now this.

Maybe the next one will be Hello-Kitty-Lunatic-Charm.

My weirdness is just never ending.

I do panic. But calms down almost immediately. No point right?

Except that I do response to those chain-sms... In hope that... Well, you know.

I'll post better photos later, when I'm free.

Eliz, I'm being lazy here. But that photo will be up. It's what you call destiny.

And oh God, please help them survive.

You Are the Throat Chakra

You are outspoken and eloquent. You have no problem making your opinion known.

It's likely that you're very verbal and artistic. You are creative in every aspect of your life.

You love to communicate with people. You think it's valuable to talk out ideas and issues.

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