Monday, March 9, 2009


I can now meow for a very good reason.

These two didn't appear out of nowhere. And how did they came to me? They flew. You believe that? I won't. Enough being off-topic... This weekend is just frustrating.

My mum got a slipped disc, and she's as close to a disabled person, aka golongan kurang berupaya. Next time we can use the 'disabled'-parking lot...

The real Bug Buster is close to useless. No wonder no one would buy it. Seriously, those who invented it are just not using their brains enough. Improve it you idiots! Now we'll have to think of something else.

And I just got myself landed with a pair of kittens. These hideous creatures innocent looking kittens are just adorable, and filthy. They were locked in my dad's office for I-don't-know-how-many-days, and the mother is missing. So they took them back. And knowing I wouldn't sit there and do nothing, they left them in my care.

I wasn't exactly happy to see myself in this situation. I had bad experience with baby kittens before (I know kitten is like the baby version of a cat, but these are babies among babies).

One moment they were doing fine, making freaking annoying meowing, scratching you and so on, next moment you know they became rock-hard and stone-cold is simply devastating.

Horrible, terrible and vegetable, ok, so it doesn't belong to this group...

Not very pleasant experience to see your cat like that.

Btw, thanks Rachael for the milk formula and the bottle!

Going nuts about cat.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for them to survive babyhood.

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