Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't Look Back

Chinese - A1 (OH YES!!)
English - A1 (GCE-O - A1)
Pendidikan Moral - A1
History - A1
Mathematics - A1
Add Math. - A1
English for Science & Technology - A2

The rest, B3, to be exact, 4 Bs. One for BM, the rest are science subjects.

I always know I'm going to screw up BM anyway. Bah, who cares about BM if it wasn't compulsory?

A certain unlucky someone waited from 11am to 12.15pm. Screw the stupid sekolah.

Not fair! The black thing just had to give out according to alphabetical order. Oh come on, we're not kindergartens!! You dimwit! Wen Leong had to wait... His name starts with a W. That retarded thing, we were among the first to lined up but had to wait like hell just because our surname is so far at the back of the ABC song.

Cleste good lor... Surname is C... Gets to suffer less of the anticipation...

Yeah, tell your mum.

And going mad at the Karaoke later!!

I was quite statisfy with the overall, especially certain subjects such as English and Chinese. Chinese is known for hard in scoring A1, which I succed anyway, whereas English I scored A1 for 1119 as well, which I thought it was impossible like the Chinese...

Despite, I think I have this little tinge of regret somewhere, deep down inside me for the grades I got for my science subjects (not BM, I don't give a damn for it, I think a B is good enough for me already).

Knowing myself , I know if I study really hard, I can do it. The problem is, which is pretty obvious, I don't study... Or maybe... I should go for tuition for those subjects. I self-studied, and don't pay much attention in class... Except for maybe Physics, which I do listened, a little yeah, for the sake of Ms. Wong...

Ah well, I'm not really into science anyway. And I never got to balance my Chemistry equation before, and hence the hatred towards Chemistry. lol

The most surprising was the result of my Chinese paper. I got a freaking A1!!


I always thought the most I can get was A2, which I thought I would be happy even if it was a 2.

Haha, I'm one of the five who got A1 in Chinese in Taman SEA!

It must be my essay!! It must be my essay!!!! It must be my wonderful touching essay that carried me so high!!! Lalalala~~~

一直以来, 我对我的华文没有什么信心。我总认为,假若能巧幸的考到 A2 我就该偷笑了。A1 哪, 这不知哪个洞里跑出来的外星人才拿得到的佳绩,居然给我蒙到了也!!! (原来我也是外星人... XD) 批改老师肯定是被我的烂故事感动得稀里哗啦, 真是莫明其妙啊!!

呵呵呵,钟灵的华文特别奖我拿定咯!!! 现在经济不景气,一分钱是一分,不能少呀!! 华文万岁!!!

In other words, I'm quite happy with my result, except for the fact that I couldn't... Well, break my family record...

Despite everything, I learned to move forward. If you can't change the past, then looking back would do you no good, so leave the past behind, forget it, and move on to the next chapter of your life.

A total fullstop for my high school life. Time to move on.

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