Friday, March 6, 2009

Chibi Parade

Shashin miru?
Hughes is just so silly when he's obsessed with his daughter! He dies... T.T

Dare ga mame!
Edward in his who's-a-pea-mode!

A normal Edward. Oh The quality of the figurines are simply awesome!

Got Archer from a battered-looking box.

The chibis totally owned Ironhide.


K.... I think I should move onto the main point, which is the model of Ironhide....

Upper front view.

Butt Back view.

Front view.

Beneath the body, closed-up.

Full view.

The other end of it.

Closed-up view of the gun.



Like a model should pose.

Side view.

Top view.

The bigger Ironhide and the chibi one. XD

Staring the belated birthday boy!!

Kian Min looking gay merry as usual. His hair grew longer, what a pretty nice boy. :3 Oh my, Osla's hair's longer too....

Like he said, when we start our college, girls cut their hairs, boys leave theirs.

When over to his house on Thursday. Someone was so excited that he didn't bother to change just to wait for us... The whole ceremony goes like this:

Me: Here you go, Wen Leong. *gives him a box of yam cookies*
Wen Leong: Er... Thanks... *looks puzzled and a tiny winy bit of dissappointment*
Me: Why don't you have a cookie?
Wen Leong: I'll eat it later...
Me: You should have one now.
Wen Leong: Er... No. Later.
Osla: Take one.
Wen Leong: Hmm... *offers to his cousin* Do you want one?
Cousin: No thanks.
Wen Leong: Ok... *opens cookie box* Hey... *dumbfounded* There's a car in the cookie box... It's Ironhide.

The whole process was just like how Osla predicted... *ROFL*

Anyway, here's the list of givers:
  1. Cleste
  2. Kah Hee
  3. Kwan Han
  4. Chin Shen
  5. Chung Zhih
  6. Feng Foo
  7. Osla
  8. Me
You know what to do.

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