Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Tsubasa Shunraiki was out on the 17th. The quality was better than the TV series, which most of the fans despise due to the lousy animation, always out of shape characters and horrible graphic. Sad to say that this OAD's quality is lower than the OVA's...


Still, better than nothing. I'll just have to close one and half eye every time I spot something terrible coming up.

The opening... was a bit of disappointment I have to say. So they skipped the Celes and Infinity arc, which is just a bummer. I don't care about Celes, but the infinity arc was my favourite. Yes, I always fall for the Gothic theme and fighting scenes.

How I wish to see Sakura in her devilish Gothic lolita dresses... Ah, CLAMP always have wonderful designs.

But there's nothing we could do, no? So let's continue. The opening song was Sonic Boom. The name's very scientific, and yet the song was so 'springy'. The OP animation was quite pleasant, as it complements the OP music. I love the ancient China touch that was shown at first.

The battling scenes were breath-taking. Especially when they have Ohkawa directing behind the scene.

Final scene for the OP. The effects were nice.

Awesome. The background, the art, the postures. This is near perfect. The kimono is quite detail and their proportions are very CLAMP-ish.

Lol at Ashura-ou for appearing in only this scene and dies in the rest of the scenes...

Things are getting a bit out of control... Kurogane's fringe... Never mind, I see nothing... *lol* Not that bad actually for the overall...

Lalala~~ Do I think I get the pattern of the animation of the story? Both OVA and OAD have Syaoran Syaoran fighting scenes!! That makes me so happy and content despite the quality of the animation is still... (I seem to have the tendency to go lalala when I'm happy)

Syaoran and Sakura. Ah I feel so sad for both of them... T.T I hope the animation quality for the first OAD was lower than standard was due to the fact that they want to save the best for their ending... It better be.

*rofl*These two makes me laugh when they showed up... It's no wonder CLAMP design them to be brothers in this series. They're so alike. Smiling all the time...

Sakura petals spreading out. Such a lovely scenery.

A pretty up to standard Fai. Usually he looks the worst in the animation...

Fai Kick!!

Sad Sakura, I'll stop complaining about your useless-ness seeing that you're going to...

YAY!!! Clone Syaoran!! I'm quite satisfy with the overall. Especially when the quality of the animation when Syaoran/Clone Syaoran is in the scene.

The volume that comes with the OAD. The cover!!! Another double!!! X3

Gyaaaa! Sebastian figurine!! It's so cute!!!

*faints* Devil... So Adorable!!!!

Very classic. My soul won't be enough to pay this... T.T

And now, ACGC.

Hong Chun was there.

Looking cool.

It was rather small. Nothing much...

Aaron was there too.

And Davion's playing hard.

This game is cute.

The cosplayers.

And now, promotion for C2AGE.

Check it out. And tell me if you want to go. The more the merrier~

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