Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Minute Syndrome

Last Minute Syndrome never fails to strike.

It was a very busy night, or morning to the UFP AK students. A memorable experience.

Those who care and are concern about passing up the Journal burned themselves to ashes to finish it.

As a result, a lot of students looked burnt this morning with deep-black punch bag under their eyes.

Never, did I wrote so many entries similar to a blog post. I blank-out at a few parts, but still managed to crap through everything. Yes, crap. I don't think I know what I was writing typing.

Last Minute Syndrome didn't fail to strike even the best student(s) in our class.

Elizabeth the very hard-working-alien-from-another-planet work till one.

Annie another frantic-about-homework-alien-from-another-planet woke up at 2 and did her work till sun breaks.

Jhe Yee my beloved father came in during the lecture just for the ending summary of the lecture and to pass her Journal.

Su Yang walked up and down in the Lecture Theatre until we find it hilarious.

Later, finalised the flyer for our product in English project. Kept redoing it... Even after I finalised it I still find a lot of flaws... Don't care la... It's pretty much more than what you can expect from a Business school student...

Thanks Cherng for burning the DVD. Thanks Zeel for lending it to me.

I'm tired. lol Taught a bunch of people how to use Photoshop. Sometimes, there are things that you wouldn't appreciate until you realize you need it. Just like air, you can't feel it, but you know you'll die without it. I can't help but wonder, how did our seniors did their flyers? Powerpoint? Or hand-made?

That monkey man is just making me very displeased. He kept saying I'm nagging him. Pur-lease. As if I like to nag him. Who like to be constantly worried about their group member not doing their part of job?! So he has talent in speaking out loud, so what? He may be the best speaker, but he's got an attitude problem. Even Lucas who's born being sarcastic is better than him.

Gah, why are the guys with better attitudes, far more better than the majority of the boys in our class, in other classes...

Performance can be polish with help from others, but attitude is something you've gotta change it yourself. Bloody idiot.

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Get yourself ready. I'm going to make posts about my lecturer, and my family tree, in my college. XD

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