Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday Bombs

CUT!! Can you count how many hands are there? (And Tze Horng, ignore the spelling mistake in your name...)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: (from left)
Jhe Yee
Tze Horng
Sue Ling
Su Yang

The birthday stars chopping the cake. Oh yeah, are you wondering why are the birthday people doing the work? Don't ask me, I have no idea.

This is Annie. She enjoys slicing things.

The beautifully mutilated cake. Artwork by Meister Annie and Tze Horng.

I meddled with Photoshop. It's OH-SO-GOOD to be able to use it again.

Angels from heaven. Eloise and Jhe Yee.

And we had this 'campaign' going on during Malaysian Studies. And of course the girls won. Idiots Boys like Marcus don't stand a chance.

Emitting pink aura. (I love Photoshop.) Couple outfits, similar posture, same colour markers... What else?

We sang in the lecture hall for Annie. We really did. I think I'm getting wilder and wilder...

Preparing the celebration was absolutely tiring. Especially when you got 6 peoples in a row. Eliz and I searched through The Curve and Ikano the whole afternoon, looking up and down, in and out for the presents.

Twilight for Jhe Yee.
A chain for Tze Horng.
A phone strap for Eloise.
Nail polish for Sue Ling
Gashapon for Su Yang.
A bottle from a booth from our college for Annie.

And collecting the money was another headache. Unlike me, who knows all 6 of the birthday stars, I need to organise and group the 'sponsors' together, then collect from them separately...

On that day, we need to buy the cake, gather the birthday peoples, make sure they turn up...

Those were easy, the harder part was keeping the secret. I had to involve some of the stars, like Sue Ling, who knew every plan except for her own present, Jhe Yee who got involved with Eloise and Tze Horng's but knew nothing about hers...

That was very tough. But fun in a way, seeing them wandering in where they think the light is. I enjoy manipulating others. Must be influenced by 楼下的房客.

Anyway, changed my skin, might change it after my final exam, or after my trip to Perth. A very light-coloured and cheerful one this time, which is what I wish my life to be right now.

Exam's coming up, I'm going to retake the stupid circuit test on Tue, and Marcus better behaves or else I'm going to flare up.

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