Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boss Defeated

And so I passed.



Waited for quite some time. By the time it was my turn, I had finish reading 70% of 《这些年,二哥哥很想你》

The JPJ stationed at the Bukit was extremely nice. He told us to relax and joked with us for a bit. Later on, he even helped some candidates to pass the hill test. I was very happy and felt more confident the moment I saw him giving others as much as 3 chances to redo.

And I passed the hill test smoothly.

Next, the parking test. No more stupid mistake like last time. And I'm aware that I can reverse my car if I know I'm going to hit the hateful white line. Last was the three-point-turn.

Passed with some efforts. The clutch of the car I got was harder than Andy's (my instructor) car. I had to released the whole thing only did the car start moving. Knowing myself as the genius... (I'm losing my head again)

By the time I reached the office at PJ, I finished the 351-paged novel.

好感人哪... Puma 死的时候我好想哭喔... 嗨... 讨厌,让我想起我家小黄和那命不长的 Fluffy。 很温馨,浪漫,动人肺腑又真实的一本小说。

Celebrating my victory in KFC, with a Alaskan Fish Burger (Where the hell did the salsa sauce went?!?!) and a manga (Magic Knight Rayearth, CLAMP's art is amazingly gorgeous) and Giddens' 《这些年,二哥哥很想你》

Lalala!! Mei Yee's not working at the colgate department anymore. She's giving out free oatmeal sample. Bumped into her a few times as she works. Met her days ago...

Final volume of Code Geass R2. Childhood trio.


Suzaku accepting the pink sword and looking traumatised and angst is absolutely priceless. Sunrise refused to show us his troubled side in the anime, no?

Guess we'll never see Lelouch looking like a man. C.C.'s dress is just gorgeous. Curse you Sunrise for not using this design for C.C. in the last few episode. I love Ricca for the amazing colouring skills, and Takahiro's beautiful style.

Anticipating CLAMP's artwork for the DVD box cover.

I'm just OH-SO-HAPPY when madam Mok told me that they can certified my certs. for the application for the full tuition waiver, which is RM7,999. That means I don't have to go through all the trouble for getting them certify in Taman S.E.A..

Ok, fine, I live so near to the school that it barely takes 5 minutes to reach there. But I don't want to meet certain teachers there. For the notorius thing whom you're so-familiar-that-you-want-to-forget-about-coz-it-gives-you-nightmares-everynight, he's one of them.

Another one which I absolutely want to avoid is Pn Faridah. That woman never taught me before. But I really despise her. Reason? There's something wrong with her. I could still remember it well. I was absent from the 'Blah-blah-blah-Kecemerlang-Day', I didn't receive my cert, so my mum went to the office to get it for me, but she didn't get it.

So I went to collect it the following day. And she (that hypocrite) looked at me in such a way as if I'm a convict murder asking for help. She said,

'Why did you send your mum to come? She was so scared that she was shaking when she came.'

And there I stood, dumbfounded and totally confused. My mum shaking? My mum scared? I can't imagine. I just can't. Why would she be scared? Shaking? Not possible. You gotta be joking. My mum and I had a good laugh at her when I told her.

Ah well, some people are just 'disgusting'.

You Are the Leader

You are inspiring and uplifting. You bring out the best in people, through both nurturing and challenging them.

You always can see the big picture in life. You are very philosophical and deeply spiritual.

You understand people, and you can look at their lives objectively. You can help others grow and heal.

People feel comforted by your presence. You help them gain perspective on their lives.


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