Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scattered Brain

Don't bother me right now. I'm busy.

*gathers scattered brain*

*fills the brain model with it*

*toast them in the oven*

*takes out dried, harden and in-a-piece brain*

*replaces it back to where it's supposed to be*

I think I'm back to normal...

Anyway, back to the reason my brain fell apart.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Chapitre 216: The Point Between Life And Dead

So... I We've been fooled, again. It's very complicated.

Initially, we thought, the Sakura and Syaoran from the bloody tube were the Sakura and Syaoran we saw in the first chapter.

Later on, as both the clones died, we thought they were the real ones in the bloody tube, and even had the feeling of 'OMG~~ So both Sakura and Syaoran in the tube are not who the we thought to be!!' and 'OMG~~ this is another evil plot of CLAMP.'

And now, we were told that they are Syaoran's mama and papa, aka CCS Sakura and CCS Syaoran in the tube.

*red light flashes*

*brain breaks down again*

'Oh no. Not again.'

*mends scattered brain with super glue and replaces it*

Where did Touya and Yukito got the tube in that world....

So it's the papa and mama in the bloody tube...

Not their son... O.o *warning sign blinks*

Still, I don't get how this (refers to scene above) happens... They're in the tube... And....? All Sakura have wings....?

*Skips page 8 to 12*

From right, Mama, Sakura, Syaoran (in dilemma to see Papa and Mama) and Papa.

Wait... Syaoran's price of staying with Sakura in Clow (or Acid Tokyo) 'not to see his family anymore'? Isn't seeing their souls (Souls...? Hmmm... Really souls?) like cheating...?

Gah, I need to take a break, no, no break. My brain's damaged enough d...

Yes, a rest is what I need right now.

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