Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I got 4 out 5 for my oral. That's 80%!! A distinction!! XD lol I finish my oral in 4 minutes, faster than when I practice with my sis. I guess that because I was so nervous that I spoke faster than before...

And my comment was: Clear and gd.

*well, Ms. Tina didn't actually said that, but we secretly looked at the comment paper she left on the table during the short break...*

Eliz scored the highest, 4.3. There were 5 who got at least 4/5.

Cerlyn, Annie, Amy, Eliz, and I did. All girls!!! XD

So, there's a very slim chance that we can group together for the group oral... Nooooo... I don't want to be with the boys... They're useless

Marcus doesn't listens.

Lucas listens but doesn't pay attention to the message attached.

Bernard, he went missing in action just because he don't want to talk!

Zakri, It'll be hard to train him.

Brad and Dom, those two are MIA for most lessons...

Arendi, he's retaking English, and we only see him in certain classes...

I just realize that my head got bigger.

Btw, if you look closely in the photo I posted in the last post, you might see the blur outline of some familiar object...


I'm an Enthusiast. Interesting.

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