Sunday, February 15, 2009


I was too lazy to mention this, I went to my aunties birthday party. Well she's not my direct aunt, but a cousin of my mum... And now the photos!

Behold!! My mentally disabled sister.

A roast pig with 'cheery' eyes. But it doesn't looked cheerful...

And the usual YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-YYAAAAAaaaaa-yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-M-SENG!

7 out of 10 of the people from our table are under-aged. Hence, we drank tea.

My mum, my bro & sis, my cousins, aunties uncle (apparently there's only one man) and the birthday Aunty!!

Birthday aunty with her family!

And the peach cake! Oh NO! That blinding flash!

Much better!

Nope, they're not the cake, but the pau. A very big one with several smaller ones beside and 5 inside the giant one.

And the peach inside was from the cake this time, it's not a pau.

One little,

Two little,

Three little dummies wearing peaches on their heads...

You're too old to act cute!!

Fine, if you want to be cute... :3

And now you want to be cool?!

And you too!! Poking the sadly mutilated peaches (mutilated by none other than the kiddos) like a child when we're not looking... XDD

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