Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today is Valentine's.

I spent it with my adorable friends at PAWS.

At first glance, no, first smell, it was dreadful. But I got used to it as long as the smell isn't too strong. And the puppies...

The PUPPIES!!! They made up everything!!! So adorable!!

How I wish I could lay down on a soft bed, with the puppies crawling around me~~

So first, we walked the dogs.

Annie had a Golden mix.
Priya got a 'sausage' dog. The one on the left.

As for me, I got this one... Any idea what kind of breed he is?

And I exercised early in the morning, with that dog.

Priya and her walking sausage.

Later we bath the dogs, and let them dry under the sun (thinking of dried mangoes, I really like dried mangoes, but they're always too sweet...)

Then, we had nothing to do, so we explored a bit and played with the puppies.

Simply irresistible.

Especially when they lick you. So tiny and cuddly, I felt like hugging them tightly and never let go.

And there's this pup which was isolated that got our attention. Well, it's in the center of the court and the pup is white. He, or is it a she... Oh yeah, it's a she. She enjoys playing tug-of-war. We took her out and she nibbled each of us, with her fairly pointed teeth.


But still, her hair was definitely the smoothest of all the dogs we stroke, and hence the isolation, she's different, probably a pure breed.

After we wander around for a bit, we were given something to do, which was to sort out the shirts and singlets of different colours and sizes for different genders. It took us quite some time. But I manage to played with another pair of puppies which was just surrendered to PAWS.

The owner bought the six-weeks-old puppies to surprise his daughter-in-law, and to found out that she's allergic to dogs... And that bloody guy didn't want to keep it for another week even though the manager told him that the pups could die coz they're too young!!

Poor puppies... T.T

All right, one rare photo of with the puppy. For their sake.

Sorting out the shirts and singlets.

And Annie, do please bring your allergic med with you, or take it before you come like I did...

Well, the whole thing was actually quite enjoyable. And now we thinking of donating some food to them, so shopping on Tuesday afternoon at Carrefour.

Anyone interested in donating a little of their money to these unfortunate pups? (Take away the smaller digits from the amounts of your Ang Pau $)

Or you could buy a PAWS sticker to stick on your car...

You could also buy the PAWS shirt you know...

Or simply come to PAWS to help them...

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