Monday, February 16, 2009

Bus Ride

Some boys really amazed me.

Today we met Li Wen on the bus.

It's delightful to meet someone you know on the bus. Especially if that person is a guy and he's gentleman enough to say 'do you want to seat?'. Though in most cases, the answer is 'no thanks'.

The bus wasn't exactly crowded, but I just want to talk, and unfortunately, there wasn't any seat around him back then, so I stood. Until a guy moved, and another person went down, only did the three of us sat together gossiping chatting.

And what amazed me came next.

I only remembered that I'm still troubled by a certain event that's coming up when Li Wen was going to leave the bus in like, less than one minute. And I just blurted out without a second thought.

'Can I see your wallet?'

Our jaws dropped when he just took out his wallet and passed it to me without any hesitation.


I certainly never thought that he would let me have a look without asking anything...

Thanks anyway... And I just realize that I could just ask the boys from my college...

Here's more photos of the puppies...
Here's the cute and isolated pup I mentioned.

And here's her pink paws!!

She loves playing tug-of-war.

And this puppy is so cute and pitiful... He's like, I just want to hug onto this and sleep...

Annie and the pups!!

Washing Bathing the dogs.

And OMG... Don't do that around me...

The other dogs in the compound.

And here you go, another photo of me.

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