Saturday, February 28, 2009

Echoes Of Scurrying Footsteps

We christened the monkey Marcus.

Marcus the monkey.

Such a holy name and it rhymes.


Guess who came?

Went to Tropicana Mall today. Met Genevieve, then Rachael and found Mei Yee.

I combed the whole Carrefour in Tropicana Mall, looking for Mei Yee, expecting her to work with clothes or something else. To my surprise, when I found my family far away, Mei Yee was in front of me, in her robes. The first part of her that got registered in my mind was her white robes. For one moment I wondered, is that smart-looking girl Mei Yee with her trademark grin? And wow! It was!!

The return of the Legendary Paparazzi!! I met Genevieve before, but didn't expect her to find Mei Yee when I returned with the Colgate Plax... LOL

Shine and bright!

Imitating the advertisement.

Got discount on our hotdog and a free Colgate sample!


I'm Bugsy frenzied! I LOVE his EYES!!!

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