Thursday, February 26, 2009

Messing Up

I'm being lazy right now.

Really lazy.

I really need to get more sleep.

But that's not the exact reason for my absence.

I wanted to show Kwan Han that 'thing' (ciphered, in case London boy is here), but I want to give William first...

Sadly, giving him alone feels weird, because we bought this together. Well, not now yet. My wallet has stopped bleeding, but no blood transfusion have been made...

So Kwan Han and the rest will have to wait, for a longer time I guess.

As I've just realise that:

Final will be start on 9th of April.

The deadline for Malaysian Studies Project is next week.

There's a 30% test for MS next week too.

It's about time I start my bloody journal for Human Comms..

I need to do a lot of exercise on Accounts, I screwed up my latest 20% test.

I be taking the driving test next Tuesday.

The 20% Micro-econs test will be on next Monday.

I have to prepare the Human Comms. Project Presentation.

I'll have to do a lot of research on building the magnificent Daroda (temporary name for now.) for the English presentation.

And yeah this, is just amazing. It came out as the first place when I googled Code Geass turn 19.02. I found out from Nuffnang.

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