Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No? Ouch. SHIT!

Yesterday got knocked out by a motorbike.

'Oh, SHIT!! A motor!!'

'Hey, I'm spinning.' (I actually went, Oooh, I'm spinning. You know, that kind of fascinated type of oohh...) Pathetic. Now I know how it feels like when things spin around you.

'Ouch, my head hurts' (I think it hit the road twice.)

Got bruised everywhere...

Some more got scolded like hell...




My face was unscratched,
My camera was still functioning (lol, I was holding it when I practically rolled everywhere...),
My handphone wasn't with me in my pocket (Imagine what would happen to those two dangling outside my pocket, Karen looks shabby enough and the 'fox' has enough wounds and scars already, one eye missing and an ear in my accessories box)

Then, today failed half the driving test...

Waited like hell from 7am to 3pm only did they called my number.

Passed the road test with a score of 17/20.

Failed the circuit one, fated-ly.

A lot of IF involved.

1st, IF when the first time I got up the hill perfectly, the JPJ got my bloody record paper, I won't have to redo the whole thing. And higher chance that won't happen...

2nd, IF the blind instructor didn't instructed me to go to the P2 lot, I would definitely avoid that problem. P2 wasn't vacant at all. I hesitated, and panicked what to do, which I shouldn't be panicking at all... T.T

3rd, IF I got my paper early, I won't have to wait, and thus those things wouldn't happen.



I am SO ANGRY with myself, for making that STUPID mistake.

But I got to make friends... A type of compensation?

Tomorrow for the oral I know what to talk about... Though I haven't prepare at all.

Spontaneous lor...

Spent the whole day there...

Die ah...

The Malaysian Studies need to burn midnight oil.... I think I'm typing crap most of the time...

Ps: GC, I can picture what you're gonna say.

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