Friday, February 20, 2009

Part Of Life

Not enough sleep these days...

The day before yesterday, we took the bus home. As usual, we waited at the bus stop with quite a number of people. And the bus arrived early. We gathered our things, and moved on along with the people waiting for it as well.

Looking at the bus, I frowned.

This bus is fast.
It's signal light isn't on.
It's not slowing down, at all.
It's not in the right direction.
It's still moving at a constant velocity.
There's no sign of de-acceleration.

And hey, it just sped passed us.


Everyone stared at it with disbelieve.

'Was that 623?'

'It was!'


*And the bus stopped in front of the traffic light not far ahead*

A guy asked his friend, 'you wanna run?'

'You want?'

'I dunnoe...'

*silence stretches*

'Let's run.'

There they went.

'Let's run also...'

There we go.

We caught the bloody bus, out of breath, our muscles all seized up. We found our seats and sat down. Later, while we're cooling down and grumbling about the driver, we saw another 623 speeding side by side with our bus.

Another 'WHUT?!'

And then , both 623s stop at the same bus stop, and we're told to get off this bus and take the other one. Reason, our driver was late and he has to rush.

*tsk tsk*

And yesterday, I had another four hours of driving lesson. And I drove all the way from PJ to Puchong Prima!! Learned how to park my car, 3 point turn, and going up the hill... LOL It only took me about 30 minutes to get back from taking my time to take a look at the exam route and going back from Puchong to PJ. According to my mum, that's the average time a competent driver takes...

Maximum speed? 70km/hour ++ XD I'm so brave.

My keychain. A distraction.

Micro-econs! Can bananas raise my IQ? hmmm...

Something I must say. 云南白药 is extremely useful! Well, not in treating any injuries of our bodies, but of this:
Ingenious. There was something wrong with the flap and I stuffed the box of it there to support it. Now you know another way to use it.

Lalala~~ Picture Drama Turn 19.02 is out!!! Wish the sub will come out fast... This PD exceptionally special...

And we go, the usual gay ghey hair cut, smile and etc.

I'm still very curious. What made Lelouch thinks that it's appropriate to give a boy, his brother (fake one though), a heart-shaped locket... And the candles and flowers... *coughs for laughing until out of breath* He actually prepared candles and flowers to celebrate a boys' birthday?! *ROFL*

Hmm... I don't know why... But a lot of fans think that he's being a house-wife in this scene... One thing I have to agree, he's really androgynous in this scene!

First thought: Oh, a hair-cut!
Second thought: In the middle of the woods?!
I can almost imagine Rolo saying:

'Nii-san, how long do we still have to go? This chair is heavy...'

*continues ROFL*

A scene which is less out of the blue... Image edited by me. *In desperate need of Photoshop* The fact that their having a hair cut in the middle of nowhere still haunts me... In overall, it's a very angst PD that Bandai made just to troll us, again.

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