Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raining Sardines & Tunas

Human Comm was indeed very interesting.

The lesson was enjoyable as we didn't do anything besides than discussing with group members and talking throughout the whole lesson.

Two groups decided to go to PAWS. I'm in one of it. Malini said it's ok. So we're done.

Puppies and kittens, doggies and kitties, big dogs and big cats, old dogs and old cats here I come.

Going back by bus was pretty ok, given that it doesn't rain. I don't mind if it's pack... At least I can keep my shoes and socks dry and comfortable.

But god decided that it just had to rain. I don't mind raining either, given that wherever I go doesn't flood.

And the road just have to be flooded.


There we go, wet, drenched, soaking in rain water and our shoes evolved into a pair of shoe-shaped sponges. Every step we took, you can hear the squish-squish sound, and water will just splatter out of our shoes...

I hate wet shoes and socks.

Despite that... Taking bus ain't that bad... You get to meet a lot of people.

I met Zhen Ming on my 1st trip.
Made friends with Li Wen and that 'Raul' guy.
Met Jerard today. Although we barely spoke at all... Made friends with another Indian girl and a guy call Ken from Inti.

Taking bus really isn't as bad as you think, given that you have a friend with you.

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