Friday, January 16, 2009

Catch The Bus!

I started my day like any other day.

Except I bought my red jacket along and I took RapidKL home today. Although we adjusted the bloody air-con's temperature, it's still a bit chilly. But that's a degree I can still withstand.

But in the Lecture Theatre, even with my oh-so-thick red jacket, I still felt cold. I was really happy that at least I bought it, or you might see a frozen statue sitting there.

Our next lesson is 1pm. Our lecture ended at 10.30am. With 2 and a half hour to kill, we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid. Khai Yuen's 'brother' took us there with his MyV.

5 at the back seat wasn't a comfortable situation. Lol at Tze Horng squashed by girls...

Ate our lunch at and rushed back to Metro. Cause we're rushy when we got into the car as we're going to be late, we didn't arrange oursleves properly, so you could probably imagine how sandwiched we were.

Ms. Hamizah/Hamzah was kind enough to let us off one hour early. And we left one hour early.

And so, Lizzie and I walked to the bus stop besides the post office.

We waited.



And waited like hell.

For one hour.

For that one hour, we saw T523 and U76 passed by. But no T623.

And so we grumbled and complaint like anyone would.

Until a senior passed by.

Senior: What are you doing here?

Us: Waiting for a bus.

Senior: To where?

Us: Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Senior: Which bus? (with a tone of somewhat unbelievable and incredulous)

Us: 623.

Senior: You're at the wrong bus stop lar...... You should go to that one!! *points*

Us: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh??!

Ok. We started walking, passing through Metro.

I: I can't believe we wasted one hour for nothing!!!!

Lizzie: But we're lucky we met him lor...

I: ARRGGHH!! Don't know how many bus stopped in that one hour we wasted...

Lizzie: But see, there's still quite some people there *looking at the far-away bus stop* The bus haven't arrive yet but maybe soo...

*A 623 passed by*

I: OMG! That's a 623!!! *Looks at the distance between where we are and the bus stop* RUN!

*footsteps, pants, laughing maniacally, more pants*

*An amused guy stepped backward to gave way for us*

And we're standing in the bus.

Can you believe it? It was usually us who watches others chasing a bus in the movie, and doing the laughing as well. Never thought we'd be doing the same comical thing as well...

Coincidence? Inevitable? We're damn lucky we met that senior, in time, before Lizzie phone her dad, and being able to spot the bus.

We didn't recover from our OMG-the-bus-is-here-and-run-to-catch-it-or-else-we'll-miss-it-and-we'll-have-to-wait-for-the-next-one after shock until we almost reached KJ.

*blows* I guess this wasn't that bad after all. Now we have something to write in our journal, proving we are competent communicators...

And I thought he looked familiar but never took a second glance at him. Only when we're getting off the bus did I had a face-to-face with him.


He is someone I know after all. His hair style changed. Before he's spiky but now he has a bit of a good-boy look since he combed it.

Ng Zhen Ming. 黄振明。If not mistaken.

After all, I've been in the same class with him when we're in 4I. We always argued with each other, went to the same tuition, scolded by the same teacher. And he transferred to Taman SEA during form 2. He's in Taylor's as well. Didn't have enough time to ask him what he's studying.

Cleste you know him? A dark-skinned, definitely and sadly taller than me whose teeth are so shiny boy. He got into the bus at 4 something. I think he went for the Crime Prevention talk...

And he was formerly known as chocolate-xxxx.

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