Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Songs

Tsubasa Shunraiki's theme song and OP as well, Sonic Boom, was really nice! Changed my song to that!!!

And the Kazemachi Jet Kazeyomi special version was awesome!! Loved the violin part so much!!

Yesterday forgot to bring my jacket. I just don't understand why are the air-cons so cold. There's no need, since most people can't withstand chilly temperature... 99% of the rooms I've been to nearly freeze me to death...

Thinking of digging out my red jacket (the one which I forgot to bring along when I went to Disneyland... )from the dust...

Ms. Malini or Malini as she wants us to call her, was quite friendly.

Though, it's a taboo to call her sensei.

We did some ice-breaking during her class. And she mentioned Samurai X, which made me wonder, she watches Animax?

She gave us homework, we need to do her a ten week journal. Not less than 200 words. And our daily homework, she said,

Go back and think how did sms affects your life.

And today, English class was interesting. Language is much more easier and interesting than econs and accounts, although the later aren't that bad either.

I'm really glad that Ms. Tina extended our deadline of choosing a topic... I'm thinking of "How did my hobby affects my life"...

Next week will be very busy, my schedule will be damn pack, coz we have to replace our lessons... As for my student ID, they told me they don't have my photo!!


I remember when I looked for my bag I rejoiced for tucking in my photos earlier!!

They must have lost it and now they're blaming me...

In the lecture theatre, the lecturer was late.

And today, Mr. Andrew actually used traffic jam as his excuse for being late, although he wasn't really late...

I remember they said:

Traffic jam is not an excuse, unless it rains.

Mmm... I'll just keep to my thoughts.

This guy, geng!! Onlining when the lecturer was lecturing...

Tomorrow will go back by bus with Elizabeth... 1st time BANZAI!

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