Sunday, January 4, 2009

Looking Forward

That's red and green we see. We're not colour blind.

Had fun on Friday at Redbox. Would have been a much more pleasant trip if their system stop skipping.

Went to Tropicana Mall yesterday. My bro and sis had a fourth helping of the free cotton candy under the protection of their elephant-thigh-thick-skin.

Saw a very nice jacket at Esprit. My mum said that she'd buy it if I could scrap 7As in SPM.


I think I rather spend that 267 bucks on other things... Which is quite a lot, mind you.
Met Vincy at the LG. Coincidence? No, it's Hitsuzen (inevitable).

I've made a decision. I'm gonna chop off my hair too, after CNY, I think.

Our carefree moments ends tomorrow. Curious about are there anyone I knows going to Metropolitan... And since Taylor's and Inti are just around the corner, I'll probably bump into a lot of Seaparkians...

Oh yeah, Vincy created a blog, do spare some time to check it out.

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