Sunday, December 28, 2008

Simple Life


My uncle's Birthday. Someone's not young anymore.

His cake, before it failed.

And yeah, Happy Birthday Wei Jie.

I don't think I have yet to mention that we brought Fluffy with us. I've just realise how boring a pet's life can be. All it can do is eat, sleep, groom, look around, and climb in the limited space it has.


I've been going out everyday. Since my grandma is just so wild, like her granddaughter and her great-granddaughter. *lol* And I've just discovered that the only place we went other than Megamall was Carrefour.

Simply because her mother works at 600cc in Megamall.

Another thing about Penang is the food there. Other than the usual famous one, you gotta try the vegeterian food there. I dunnoe why but it's real nice~~ XDD

I've also made friends with the 黑白猫 who was dumped by my aunt at the marketplace on the third day.

The cat came back at night. Amazing.

She threw a tantrum yesterday, but my mother tamed her alright, not fully though.

And I've learned how to make French Toast, my grandparents loves it.

Playing Gaia to train my business skills.


My grandma's (my mum's) back from Taiwan. I'm in luck. She's a great cook.

I'm getting fatter.

Will be seeing fireworks at Butterworth on 1st of Jan. So I shall return to PJ in the afternoon on that day.

The papaya tree.

The scenary from my grandma's apartment.

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