Friday, December 26, 2008

6 Days Before New Year

Art by my cousin WenJian and coloured by Davion.

教書先生 (28%)
酸秀才 (25%)
天真無邪的公主 (19.4%)
大將軍 (14.3%)
名醫 (13.3%)


This is just tooo funny!!! I got a feeling those who knows me will laugh their heads off at the 3rd one...

詐騙集團 (67.4%)
政壇 (19%)
名嘴 (7.1%)
黑社會 (6.5%)


I think I'd rather not believe too much in this...

那一日 咱可以"出頭天" (26.4%)
錯錯錯錯 錯 "錯錯錯" (25.6%)
做又做不好的"我" (24.3%)
我聽你在"黑白講" (23.7%)

注重和諧 (57.7%)
浪漫 (32.2%)
體貼 (5.6%)
幽默 (4.5%)

活力十足!! (75.4%)
熱情!! (13.3%)
迷人的聲音~ (6.4%)
常掛著微笑的一張臉~ (4.9%)

你不是真正的快樂 (53.1%)
如煙 (41.1%)
出頭天 (5.8%)

Oh really?? I think I like 夜访吸血鬼 more...

百分之百 (94.8%)
只是玩你 (5.2%)

Hohohoho!! No, I'm not gonna say Merry Xmas. I just can't stop laughing at those things above...

That chibi akuma can be sweet and cute when she wants, but I just hate it so much whenever she wants to tag along with us every time we're going out... I can't even visit my own grandfather without her crying and wailing that she wants to go along...

She's so spoilt! She just gives these puppy's eyes to my grandma (my father's side) and she'll say, 'Awwwwee... Ok, you can come with us...' And if she can't, we'll have to sneak out like thieves...

And she's a glutton. She eats whatever and whenever she likes. My grandma and aunt can't stand her tears so she always had her ways... And the day before yesterday, she ate so much that when she had her dinner, she vomitted. All those food she ate before came out like a waterfall...

And she hates to go back to her, hem hem, parents house. I don't really blame her for that. My cousin who got a phD in piano and dunnoe how many degrees could lead a better life if she wasn't that spoilt or picky... She's quite ok herself, it's just that she was brought up spoilt and now she's working in 600cc as a manager... So much for her education... All wasted.

Another problem is my dad. Who needs to grow up... He's here too. And to, how do you say? Avoid him? I moved out of my parents room and sleep with my sis in my grandfather's which my brother was using. We chucked him out, literally. And after one night, my dad's regretting and complaining for not making us to sleep in his room...


I want him to go back fast ar... With him here I don't like to do anything except finding a place and hide... He'd just scold us for almost anything... It's kinda unbearable with him constantly fixing his eyes on us. I could never relax with him around.

Went to Megamall yesterday. It was damn crowded. I saw Bodyglove was pratically flooded with peoples due to its mega sale... Though it was a good time to buy expensive goods we don't usually buy...

Made dumplings yesterday. Had a lot of fun making sad-looking dumplings which you don't get to see in restaurants. My uncle was awe-struck by how capable of my mum is. At first he complained that the meat was too fine, the next second he took a bit he said it's was delicious... I was dumbfounded by him too. Despite being a doctor, he smokes and he insisted using his mushrooms-covered-chopsticks...

You Are Tomato Soup

You are open minded and curious about the world. You can help but learn as much as you can about things.

You are introverted, intellectual, and introspective. In other words, you have a big brain... and you use it.

You are a bit of a culinary expert, and you are an excellent cook.

You know how to balance delicate flavors well and can whip up a mean bowl of soup.

You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.

You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.

Also nostalgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.

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