Thursday, October 16, 2008


Got this today from Melody. I was waiting for it for ages... The miracle blue envelope consist of an adorable birthday card, an AshordxGeass key chain, and a letter full of wishes, blessings to me a brief of her life... That's another Code Geass key chain for me~~ Sooo thoughtful of her to give me that TvT~~ And the adorable card!! Can you see the yellow car on the letter? It's actually a BMW~ But I won't be driving a BMW, my dad's gonna let me practice with my aunt's old car, the Honda Accord!! So, less worries on the scrathes and damages... My Lexmark printer was replace with a Canon MP520. It refused to scan my gifts... So only photo. Lol Once my Scanner can scan, I'll scan the cute birthday cake she drew~~

This will be out Dec. 5th. It is obviously something worth dying screaming~~ I'm gay because it looks gay!! I can see a hand from the low-quality scan. Can't complain, it's the only scan we can get now... I say that hand belongs to Suzaku. And that 'white thing' beside Lelouch's sword looks a lot like a leg. If that is Suzaku's knee, he's probably lying on the ground on his back. Must get this!! XDDDD
I seriously expect surprise on Monday.
I really like this line from schwindelmagier's fanfic... It's sooo cool!! XDD Though, you won't fully understand it unless you read the story itself...

Quote of the Post

"When you’re feeling so lousy, then you should send him a heart instead of a head next time. Maybe he will finally get the point of your message."

by C.C.

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