Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sinful Indulgence

Glitter Photos

It took us a hard time to transfer the cakes to the plate... And some of their images were destroyed during the process. Now I know why it took the manager there so much time... Yes, all chocolate. NO cheese. I don't like cheese cakes. I never eat cheese when they're cold. Even if they disguise themselves as cakes.

Nope, no candles, no song, just indulgence. Grab and eat, that's all. But of course, with my permission, no one touches my cakes without my permission!! XDD Well, except my dad... He does whatever he wants to do... Skipped the song, which was quite a relief. I never like to sing the song when it was my birthday. I feel damn awkward.

Let's see... We had Chocolate mud cake, Chocolate walnut cake, Strawberry Chocolate cake and Chocolate Mint cake. The last three cakes are most likely not in their official name. Chocolate fudge was OUT! T.T That's the one I really like... All the cakes tasted ok, but every cakes has its flaws.

I had a taste of each type. Didn't eat more than one and a half slice. Now I know why Banana couldn't finish his cakes that day. Secret Recipe uses the finest (supposedly) ingredients, so every cake are supposed to taste very nice. Though I don't think they consider in making it less sweet so that the customer would eat more... I dumped my cakes and went for some thing salty...

Mud cake - Toooo sweet.
Walnut cake - A bit too much walnut
Strawberry cake - I don't like the strawberry. (I never like processed strawberry food)
Mint cake - *sigh* I don't really like mint

Chocolate fudge was almost perfect. Except one thing, it's fattening, like every cake. T.T But never mind, I won't get to eat any cake until my bro's birthday in December... So once in a while should be ok...

My parents are already finding driving school and practice spot for me... Still, won't drive until SPM is over...

Here's a beautiful fanart by sukiyakiya I like the colours... Very soft and gentle...

Here's a cute crack someone found... He's very cute when he spins~~ XDD

Don't get too excited yet Fluffy, you'll be seeing us next week.

Here, you are witnessing the Fluff ball on the merry-go-round-of-horror.

Quote of the Post
" 不要用死人的名义作为借口去掩盖自己的 暴行。要知道战争,只会将更多的活人往死里 推,活的,死的,都不会安宁。"

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