Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Being seventeen is a once in a life time experience. I am now.

And now, the awards for the Birthday wisher:

Earliest greeters/Via Sms:
1st: Cleste @ 12.07 am
2nd: William @ 12.28am
3rd: Melody @ 10.53am
4th: Kian Min @ 11.09am

Via MSN:
1st: Adelyn @ 11:51am
2nd: Chrno @ 11.57am

Via Phone:
My Grandma~~

I purposely stayed up late last night. Reading 笑傲江湖, my phone set aside. As expected, my phone vibrated. It was Cleste.

'Happy Birthday! Hope you can go to Japan many many times! XD'

Yes, thank you. She was surprised that I was actually waiting for her. XDD Unexpected, most likely. I didn't actually wait for her. I just wanna see who's the first... And then we crapped a bit. 20 sms on some unrelated topic. During our crapping, William interrupted with his greetings.

'Happy Birthday!!! You are now a year older and a year wiser! May you have a great day today and throughout the whole year.'

A year older? Yes. A year wiser? I hope! He was more surprised that I was still up... XD At 8.59am, TAYLORS sms me. Then Mel-mel sms me.

'Hapi 17th b'day, gal! ^^'

Kian Min wished me shortly after Mel.

'Happy sweet 17 birthday!!! May your wish come true =)'

At about 10++ my grandma called. She thought I was 'Xiao mi'. She went 'ahhh' when I told her who I am. As expected, she immediately said '生日快乐!! She was going to tell my other mum about it. But since I was there she greeted on the spot. And promising a nice ang pau as well. XDD 'While I was online, Adelyn said typed Happy Birthday and went offline. Wow. That was unexpected. But really nice! Thank you! Chrno msn me later. Nice!

And not forgetting those Imeem friends who sent me a Birthday wish! Thanks a lot!

Even though it's my birthday... I still do my darn revision... Done half a set of Add Math paper. Got higher marks than my trail. Sad. Or maybe that's a good sign... At night, I totally gave myself up and watched 墨攻. Really nice!! But reminded me of Lelouch's analytical brain. All the tactics and strategies used simply awed me. But that girl died!! Baw....

Currently waiting for my dad to come back to cut the cake. Though, there's nothing much to cut actually. My mum bought several slices of chocolate cakes from Secret Recipe. So I don't think it needs any cutting... T.T And the candles are bound to make it ugly...

Ah well, it'll be over in one hours time. Cake will be up next post.


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