Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't care, don't wanna care

Got back some papers today, some were expected, some... Dun wanna talk about it... Especially AM!! Ahhhhh... Pn Foo retired today, went off in a tiny yellow car which suits her nicely... Here's some photos I took...

The scene of Penang from level 6, xxx apartment, Butterworth...

免费在此为600cc打广告!! 大家如去槟城要去吃啊!!Moooooooo~~~




奶奶生日快乐!!奶奶的生日就落在我们回去的几天后,理所当然地大家happy了一晚. 前面的小孩是她最宝贝的曾孙。后面的是她最宝贝的孙女的心肝。厨房太小了,我都挤不进。。。

Some photos from long long ago...
Quality not good... But that's the most you can get from my hp camera...

William loves bread, it's white, just like how he wished his nose would be...

The so called 'pie'...

*insert song: Can you feel the love tonight*

Kuroshitsuji!!! Loved the Gothic touch!!
OMG!! This is chaotic!!! lol Master of Chaos!

This, is the Queen of Clumsiness!

Master of destruction!!! LOL

Behold!!! Pink is the trend~~ After the pink sword in Code Geass, here we have pink iris!!

Quote of the Post
"Only those who are prepared to fire should be fire at."
by Lelouch Lamperouge

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